My Go-To Work Look

Chanel Blue Ballet Flats

I kid you not when I say I wore a blue sweater and jeans 4/5 times last the other week to work. So much so that my friend Ashby was like wtf and pointed it out. We laughed about it and then I wore a blue sweater again the next time I saw her. What can I say, I like blue!!


Navy Sweaters
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J.Crew Ruffle Sleeve Cable Crewneck Sweater
Nordstrom: Navy Sweater / AG: Raw Hem Jeans / Chanel: Blue Ballet Flats (similar) / Fendi: XL 2Jours / Ray-Ban: Clubmaster / Nordstrom: Pearl Earrings 

I talked about this sweater last week (the week before?) in a Friday Five telling you guys how much I LOVE the dang thing. I just cannot get enough. It has now become my go-to sweater for any occasion, but especially for work.

As many of you know I work for Major League Baseball during the day (blogging is my side hustle) and with that comes a very casual office attire. Our rules are simple: no shorts and no flip flops. It's even a joke in our room that if someone is too dressed up they're trying to interview somewhere else.

I love that it's casual because I get to wear all my fancier things here on the blog and take it easy during the week. Thats not to say I don't wear dresses or skirts to work -- I didn't wear pants one day this summer (this is not a joke) -- I do, just when it comes time for fall to roll around a sweater and jeans become my very best friend (topped off with a nice pair of Chanel flats).

So back to this sweater -- it's everything you want in a fall sweater: it's light weight, it has a cable knit look, its' under $100 and it has the most feminine bell sleeves. Do you want anything else? I saw this in store and was so in love I picked up all three colors. The really weird thing is when I tried on the beige it was see through! It was the weirdest thing ever because I was wearing a nude bra so I didn't understand what there was to even see!

I stuck with the navy and have worn it too many times since basically... I'm even waiting for it to go on sale so I can scoop it up again so I can have two just incase. Ya know?

If you're in the market for a navy sweater, I promise you you will not be disappointed in this one!


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