Fall-ing for Suede

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What is fall without some major suede action going on? Grab your nearest jacket, your favorite turtleneck and newest over-the-knee boots and lets hop on in!


Bernardo Suede Jacket
Bernardo Suede Jacket, Fall Sweaters, J. Crew Cable Knit Turtleneck, Winter Sweaters, Sweaters for Fall
J. Crew Cable Knit Turtleneck
Report Lipton Boot
Bernardo: Suede Jacket (on sale!) / J. Crew: Cable Knit Turtleneck / AG: Skinny Jeans Report: Lipton Boot (similar) / Illesteva: Milan III Sunglasses / Celine: Nano Luggage 

Leeeeettttt me just start off by saying I am NOT engaged. Ready for story time?

I was in Atlanta this past weekend with my family and every time I am around my mom I wear her ring. I love wearing her ring. Her ring is beautiful, it makes me happy and I will take it for full days at a time. Sure I could wear it on another finger but I think its fun to play dress up with my mom's jewelry. No I am not trying to, wanting to or ready to get married.

ANYWAYS... this suede jacket has been literally sitting in my closet for two seasons now. I just never had something to wear it with. I feel like it's a little outside my fashion zone (meaning it doesn't really go with navy, gingham or dresses) and every time I try to wear it, it just looks goofy. Except this time!

I was on a mission to find something that would compliment this jacket well enough to wear on the blog. Here. we. are! I pulled out my turtleneck (from last year but they never go out of style) and my over-the-knee boots and we had ourselves an outfit. Don't you love when that happens? 

I also love when I find pieces that I really and truly wear from year to year. You've seen these boots so many times like in Toronto, last fall (look at that foliage!!) and in San Francisco! And I'm pretty sure the last time we saw this turtleneck was in this post (one of my all time favorites)!


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