Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Basics

I had some time to kill yesterday so I popped over to Nordstrom to try and shop part of the Early Access Anniversary sale in store. I ended up picking up a ton of basics and I wanted to share them with you!


I reallllyyy hate shopping in real life (it's a problem of mine) but I thought I could take a quick peep and see what else I wanted to get outside of my online purchase. So just quickly put together my reviews on the items and sizing. A larger post will be coming later with my online purchases!

Topshop Sweater (also comes in yellow)
Original Price: $65 // Sale Price: $42
Size: US 8 (runs TTS with larger fit)
Thoughts: This is such a pretty sweater -- I love the cut of it and the back is really fun!! It's definitely a little baggy and has an oversized fit so you can either size down or wear it like this. I personally love it with blue jeans!

Vince Camuto Bell Sleeve Top (also comes in black)
Original Price: $69 // Sale Price: $45
Size: Medium (runs TTS)
Thoughts: It's such a pretty top but the material is pretty thin so it's much more of a long sleeve top than it is a sweater (which I thought it was more of online). I probably would have gotten it in black but I skipped on this purchase!

Theory Cashmere Sweater (comes in two other colors)
Original Price: $255 // Sale Price: $169
Size: Medium (runs TTS)
Thoughts: I LOVE this top. I just grabbed it at first because it was so soft and then saw the price tag and was like nahhh. Then tried it on and wish I hadn't. Oh man I loveeeee this top. Going to be really great for work and fall and winter (but indoors) and its just such a beautiful top. I had to go home and think about it but I bought it this morning and I'm most excited about this!!

BP Pocket Tee (comes in other colors)
Original Price: $29 // Sale Price: $18
Size: Medium (runs TTS with loose fit)
Thoughts: This top is SUPER thin (you can see the lace on my bra thats how thin it is) but it's reallllllyyyyy soft and at a great price point. I love this color (especially for fall) and I love how many colors this comes in! Going to be great for layering.

Barbour Vest (also comes in green)
Original Price: $149 // Sale Price: $98
Size: Medium (runs TTS)
Thoughts: You guys now I love everything Barbour and this was no exception! I already have a vest super similar so I didn't end up getting this but I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new vest. Barbour under $100 is hard to come by!

Zella Sports Bra (comes in two other colors)
Original Price: $49 // Sale Price: $39
Size: Medium (runs TTS)
Thoughts: I NEED a good supportive sports bra like woah and while I already ordered THIS one (and waiting for it to come in) I wanted to try out another one and I found this bra from Zella. The fit is SO comfortable it doesn't feel like its suffocating the girls. It's a medium support so really we'll have to test run this but I got it anyway because it was so fun to wear. 

Zella Leggings (come in black)
Original Price: $75 // Sale Price: $49
Size: Medium (runs TTS)
Thoughts: Loved the style and fit but didn't love the color (which is hard to show since the room was so yellow) but I didn't end up getting these. We'll have to wait and see how the ones I ordered turn out!

Lush V-neck T-shirt (comes in other colors)
Original Price: $24 // Sale Price: $15
Size: Small (runs large)
Thoughts: I have been on the HUNT for a good, non see through, white t-shirt (in a couple different styles) and I was really waiting to see what would be in store for this sale. I found two (the other below) and while it's not EXACTLY what I was looking for, I really love how soft this shirt was, the spilt sides and the length so I got it. The price point didn't hurt either!

Calson Round Neck T-shirt (comes in a TON of colors)
Original Price: $25 // Sale Price: $17
Size: Small (runs large)
Thoughts: Out of the two, I for sure love this one more! It's a more distressed style and I really love how feminine the neckline is of this shirt. Going to be great for casual wear and especially for traveling (I like exclusively travel in t-shirts). 

Original Price: $225 // Sale Price: $149
Size: 29 (runs TTS)
Thoughts: I LOVE AG jeans and any time they are on sale you must snag them. The raw hem jeans are some of my favorites because you can wear them to work (since there are no holes) and still be a little trendy. Trying to refrain from buying more pairs as back ups!!

Items I tried on and absolutely hated:
Frame Silk Shirt: This shirt did NOT feel good. It was weird but it wasn't a very good kind of silk. It also ran SO BIG I was drowning in the medium.

Zella Sheer Hoodie: Such a good idea in theory but it was so short and since their was a thick band at the bottom it wouldn't go past my hips. I looked ridiculous.

Treasure & Bond Cold Shoulder Sweater: Also a dumb idea. The sweater was SO long (more of like a dress but can't be worn as a dress), ran so so big and is such a weird style. Only one shoulder open? Why? 

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