LL Bean Plaid Wrap + Bean Boots

LL Bean Plaid Wrap + Bean Boots
LL Bean Plaid Wrap + Bean Boots

Last post from a cold and snowy Maine! I mean, where does the snow end and the road begin? No one knows. I will totally admit that I was about five minutes away from frostbite/hypothermia taking these photos but I was just so dedicated to taking them (why, idk). You can see how red my little hands were. During winter in New York, I feel like this wrap and a coat would be enough, but for Maine? Heeeeecccckk no. At least my toes were warm :) Next time, I'll be sure to pack more layers (and avoid going during a storm).

This was my travel look for the weekend. I just wanted something that was easy, layered (in case I needed a blanket for the plane) and a hat. You know, so I don't have to shower hahah. My hair just gets so greasy on the plane no matter if I wash my hair or not! And plus, how many times can I wear this hat? 


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