LL Bean Plaid Wrap + Bean Boots

LL Bean Plaid Wrap + Bean Boots
LL Bean Plaid Wrap + Bean Boots

Last post from a cold and snowy Maine! I mean, where does the snow end and the road begin? No one knows. I will totally admit that I was about five minutes away from frostbite/hypothermia taking these photos but I was just so dedicated to taking them (why, idk). You can see how red my little hands were. During winter in New York, I feel like this wrap and a coat would be enough, but for Maine? Heeeeecccckk no. At least my toes were warm :) Next time, I'll be sure to pack more layers (and avoid going during a storm).

This was my travel look for the weekend. I just wanted something that was easy, layered (in case I needed a blanket for the plane) and a hat. You know, so I don't have to shower hahah. My hair just gets so greasy on the plane no matter if I wash my hair or not! And plus, how many times can I wear this hat? 



  1. I love that wrap! Such a perfect snow day look!
    The Style Storm

    <3, Christina

  2. The struggles of being a fashion blogger. I can relate to almost getting frost bite while taking photos. Great outfit.



  3. I love that grey plaid wrap! So cute!

    Her Heartland Soul

  4. Love that wrap! And I keep seeing those Kendra Scott earrings on so many blogs! I think its a sign that I should get them! Great look!

    Sarah Jessica
    The Laws of Beauty

  5. The wrap looks so cute! And warm! Also love it paired with your hat!


  6. Very cute outfit. Love the wrap and boots! Perfect for snowy weather. :)


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