Travel Tuesday: Portland, Maine

LL Bean HeadQuarters in Portland, Maine
Today is Travel Tuesday so you know what that means: time to recap my trip to Portland, ME. I've never been to Maine before so it was a nice little surprise to get a trip up there for a long weekend as a Christmas gift. Minus the mini hurricane snowstorm and the bitter cold, Maine was a lot of fun! I can't wait to go back in the spring/summer.

We left really early Saturday morning for JFK for my global entry interview and our flight. Global entry was soooo worth it and it comes with TSA pre-check, so if you're looking into it, I highly recommend!

We of course flew JetBlue. Thankfully they had nonstop flights straight to Portland so it was a quick 45 minute flight up and we were there. Helllooo grey skies!

We got there around 10 am and picked up our car for the weekend. Since we couldn't check in to our B&B until 3pm, we decided to take a trip up to Freeport. It was just a 20 minute drive away and totally worth it. I had never been to the LL Bean campus but you know I had to go! We spent so much time there, I can't even tell you. I mean I could get lost in that store!

So lost that I decided to sit down waiting to find Andrew. LOL ya girl took a quick cat nap in the home store. I was SO sleepy #earlymorning #dontjudgeme

Yes, that's a giant bean boot *praise emoji hands*

After Freeport (and more time in the LL Bean store) we stopped at a local brewery then headed to our  B&B for the weekend. We ended up staying at the Inn on Carleton and had an awesome stay. I've never stayed at a B&B before but I was pleasantly surprised! I had a great time and it was such a cute little (little meaning four floors) house!

Our room and bathroom. So cute, right?

After hanging out and watching Gone Girl, it was time for some din din. We had reservations for Valentines Day at Back Bay Grill. I had planned to wear a pink dress for dinner but the storm was like nuh-uh so I ended up wearing this outfit, which totally worked out.

Dinner was to die for. Everything was so good -- the wine, the mussels, the DUCK. Omg yum. It was a cute little place too. We ended up Uber-ing there and back because the snow was so bad. 

The next day we were able to fully enjoy(?) the snowstorm. It was so cold that the city actually shut down! We tried to venture out for donuts only to find the shop was closed (#sadface). We just had enough fight in us to stay outside long enough to snap this outfit photo before we headed back to the B&B! I mean, look at all that snow!

After a day spent mostly inside watching movies, we walked around for as long as we could and tried to enjoy what Portland had to offer. I found this house and of course fell in love!

After that we decided it was probably best to get some food. We had recommendations from our friend at LL Bean to check out Eventide Oyster Co. and it was soooo good! I'm a little biased because I love oysters, but whatever it was really good. The music - believe it or not - was even better! 

Andrew and I split some oysters and we each had a lobster roll. I forgot how good those were. I ate it too quickly to get a picture so... yolo. 

After a this quick bite, we went to another brewery (I'm a good girlfriend) and then to Central Provisions for dinner... where I had more oysters :) 

Travel to Portland, Maine

On our last day I was FINALLY able to go visit The Holy Donut (the donut shop that had been closed due to weather the day before). It came highly recommended from a ton of friends and followers (thank you!) and it lived up to expectations! SO yummy! I think I read somewhere that they were made with potatoes? Don't quote me on that... 

The Holy Donut, Portland, Maine

We went to another (yes, another) brewery and then to J's Oysters (GUY'S I JUST LOVE OYSTERS) for a quick bite before the airport. The little restaurant was like a dive-y place that you could tell local fisherman went to. That's how you know it's legit. It was right along the water (that was all frozen over) and I couldn't believe how much snow there was! It was UNREAL. I mean I thought I knew snow... but oh man. 

Then it was off to the airport to go home. Just a casual six hour delay then wha-la! We were home hahah. It was a really fun weekend but man was it COLD. Any weekend spent away exploring a new place is a good weekend to me! Especially when it's filled with good food and lots of oysters!

(Our B&B)

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