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Can you believe it's been ten years of this tradition? I mean, I'm not even really blogging anymore (as obvious by the fact that my last post was last year's shoot). But these photos and this tradition is not something I ever plan on giving up. If not for just a year-end update for you guys?

It's been a wonderful but stressful year. 

On Andrew: Top / Sweater / Pants | On Me: Top / PantsOn Baby: Top / Overalls all c/o

The tradition that never stops! We had the best time shooting these photos with Allie at the Palace. The shoot went off without a hitch for the first time in what feels like forever. I think I mentioned it last year, but Andrew suggested as the kid(s) get older, we should do an overnight at the Palace and shoot. Well, I loved the idea so much that we started it this year. It was so much fun staying at the hotel and not being rushed in and out of the city for a 20-minute shoot. 

So, let's move on to our year, shall we?

Our baby is no longer a baby but a full-fledged, walking (running), talking (screaming) toddler. I say it at every stage, but this stage has been my favorite. He holds my hand, gives me legitimate hugs, blows kisses, talks, dances, sings, and swims. I love sharing little snacks with him. I love that he's this small person who is SO interested in the world around him. I love that you can teach him something on Monday; by Friday, he's doing it independently. 

Right now here are some of my favorite things he does:

-Anytime I'm wearing an "ACK" sweatshirt he says "A - B - K ... wantuckna!" and has done it so much that any shirt or sweatshirt with spelling on it he calls Nantucket.

-In the same vein, he can point to any letter and tell me what it is. After we go through a word, I ask what it spells, and he waves across the word and says "nameeee".

-I will tell him no worries or don't worry, and he says back to me, "Don't worry, be happy," and it melts me.

-He'll randomly say "I love you, Mommy".

-In the car (or sometimes at dinner) he'll decide to count to 20, run through the rainbow colors, or say the alphabet. As if it just came to him randomly as a thought, and he wanted to share it.

-We're really into saying "Hey booboo nananumber blocccs music" which means hey Google, play number blocks on Spotify. He's a BIG music guy.

-Sometimes after his nap, I'll hop in the crib for a quick snuggle, and he'll name off all the body parts on my head (eyes, nose, hair, etc).

-He'll ask (and sign) for more kisses, which I always oblige. 

And SO many more. He's just the sweetest boy in the world and I couldn't love him more. This year he had a lot of time in the water (at the beach, in the pool, the daily baths) and he can't get enough. We celebrated his first birthday in March with an Elmo-themed party with our parents and a few friends. He got his first haircut (and then many, many more afterward). He went to his first Mets game with dad and his grandparents. We went to Nantucket in June, July, and August. We spent the 4th with my parents and my sister's family. Then we spent two weeks in Brigantine with all of Andrew's family (where we went to Story Book Land and Sesame Place). We finally hired a nanny to help us part-time during the week (we love her and found her on Care.com!). He was Mickey Mouse for Halloween, and we went trick-or-treating for the first time in town. My parents came into town for Thanksgiving, and we all got hit with a horrible stomach bug. And then recently we saw Santa, went into the city to see the holiday decor, and we are gearing up for Christmas!

For Andrew, he got a new job this year and is loving it. He's the absolute best dad and husband in the world and takes such wonderful care of us.

For me, I've really been focusing on growing Penny Linn Designs this year, and we have! I'm officially part of a very small club of small businesses that have hit $1 million in sales in a calendar year club, and I couldn't be happier with how the business is running and growing. I feel bad at times that I left the blog behind, but looking at the bigger picture, I'm really happy that if I had to let something go, it would be this. It's so hard to share my life when I don't share the most important part of my life (my son). But it's also nice not to tie my identity or worth to online social platforms and sponsorships. 

Sure, it made great money, and it was easy money. But I wasn't happy. I told myself I'd keep this blog for when I feel like hopping on and that is exactly what I'm doing. I'm here when I'm ready and want to share some thoughts. Same thing with IG. I'll post for myself and not for anything else. It's freeing. And I'm doing really good.

The one big thing that happened this year (that's more top of mind due to recency bias) is that I was pregnant. I am no longer pregnant, and that's sad, but is getting better with time. I want to try and write about it one day when I'm ready. This shoot was meant to be the announcement that we're expecting and I guess it's better that it wasn't since that would be harder to reel back. But we do still plan on going on our babymoon (now vacation) to St Barth's in January, which I am very much looking forward to.

So, while the end of the year has been a bit rocky, I couldn't have asked for a better 2023.

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