Vineyard Vines Holiday 2022

On Andrew: Jacket / Top / Pants | On Me: Sweater / Pants | On Baby: Top / Overalls all c/o

The Palace Hotel (where we have been shooting our holiday photos since 2014) has not made it easy these past few years! In 2020 we had to sneak in, in 2021, they didn't put up a tree, and now, in 2022, they had scaffolding and a smaller tree up! Here's to hoping next year goes off without a hitch...

The one big positive is that it was pouring rain, and the scaffolding shielded us from getting drenched. So if the photos are a little dark and moody, you know why! But we got it done in the 11th hour before jetting off to Disney, and we somehow managed to squeeze into Allie's tight schedule. So I really couldn't be happier. 

I think once I realized this tradition was here to stay, I was always excited for when we could bring some kids into the fold. I wasn't sure if it would be a baby or dog first, honestly, but now it's the three of us! I can see this little guy running around like a maniac next year but am so excited for him to grow up in this tradition. 

This year he was great, didn't make a peep, was very intrigued, and locked in on Allie but wouldn't crack a smile to save his life. This is one smiley baby, and none of our normal go-to socks, tricks, or faces broke the deadpan face he had. But honestly, we'll take what we can get! Not crying/kicking/screaming is a win in my book.

Since we were tight on time, we weren't able to wander around all the city's Christmas decor after our shoot. But Andrew and I did talk about that once the baby (and hopefully the second baby) is older, we would make it a little trip into the city. Stay at The Palace, take our photos, and explore NYC, the works. And it got me so excited for what is to come.

(ps for all those worried about the no socks... it was unusually warm out, and IF they were on, they would be kicked/taken off before you could click your camera).

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