20% off Dudley Stephens Sale

There is a HUGE 4th of July sale going on at Dudley Stephens today where the entire site is 20% off (code below)! They never go on sale so NOW is the time to shop and snag one!!

For sizing, I wear an M in every single Dudley item I own, no matter the style or fleece material. 

HERE is a great comparison and size guide (from my blog) for all their different styles -- but just on my body type. Dudley also has a FIT guide for all different sizes, and a FABRIC guide to help you navigate their different fleeces. 

I also do a little FAQ/Q&A on this post HERE if you want to know more.  Below are all the different ways I've styled and worn Dudley Stephens!

20% off code: STARSPANGLED

Brighton Boatneck Styles:

Park Slope Styles:

Cobble Hill Styles:

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