New Dudley Stephens and $25 Off Code

New Dudley Stephens and $25 Off Code

It is *that* time of year again -- Dudley season! I jumped on the bandwagon a few years ago and never looked back. These tops are amazing. The only negative is once you buy one, you'll want five more. I have a few of their neutrals, but they also sent some of their new collection colors and they are *chef's kiss* perfect for fall.

New Dudley Stephens and $25 Off Code

New Dudley Stephens and $25 Off Code 

I would have never picked them out myself because I rarely shy away from my normal white/tan/navy colors, but I am obsessed with how both of these look. The green is so easy to wear. Easier than I expected (coming from a blue girl), but I love how I can pair it with nearly anything and how well it can be worn casually (with jeans) or dressed up (with plaid -- can't you see it now?!) in the fall and winter months.

I also can't believe I don't currently own a brown sweater like this. My whole fall wardrobe revolves around this color and yet I have nothing like it. But boyyyyy does this top go with everything. I paired it with a camel coat this past weekend and my houndstooth headband, and sheesh did it look good lol. It's actually what inspired my outfit above! I loveeeee fall!

A few commonly asked questions:

How does it fit? 

I wear a Medium in everything on their site. It runs very true to size and they don't shrink. If you're curious about other body types and fit reviews, they have an amazing fit guide on their blog!

Which style should I get? 

It's all about your preference but truly, you cannot go wrong. I find myself wearing the classic Park Slope the most. It has a great high neck, hits right at my hips, is so comfortable, and versatile to wear. But I do have a soft spot in my heart for the Brighton boatneck. I love the turtleneck styles a lot, don't get me wrong, but sometimes they can be a bit much. That's where the boatneck comes in handy. The same soft and warm fleece with a more relaxed neckline.

You can actually check out a review and comparison guide of all my favorite styles here in this blog post from last year!

How does it wash? 

It holds up so well in the wash, with no crazy rules. Simply wash as normal and hang to dry. It's that easy! It doesn't pill or lose its softness, it honestly just gets better and better with wear.

Is it really worth the price tag? 

It's always hard to answer questions like this because if it's within your budget, yes. If it's not, no. I never want to push anything on you saying you *need* this or that if it's not doable for your current situation. I know these are a little expensive for tops, but they are truly wonderful and worth the price. 

They also have a rewards program if you sign up via this link, you can get $25 off your first purchase of $150 or more (best viewed on a desktop, custom code will pop up). You can also gain more points (which equal dollars at checkout) if you follow them on social, leave reviews, read their blog, and more!

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