Weekend Update: June 18

Happy Friday! The weather this week has been perfect and Andrew and I took advantage of the beach in our town on Wednesday after work. It's so special to live so close to something this amazing. Totally takes you out of your reality and just reminds you how lucky we are!

Weekend Update: June 18

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-I snagged this $65 white top that is allll over my IG. I'll report back!!

-I'm *obsessed* with this Toile headband! Only $65

-This suit is soooo different but so cute. It has like a crochet/rattan feel to it.

-I was looking at a new suit from Summersalt and stumbled upon this amazing striped dress. I feel like it would be perfect for summer.

Weekend Plans: Some of our best friends' baby is turning one this weekend so we will be in Westchester celebrating that! I can't believe our little baby boo (she's my best friend) is already a year. This past year has been a fever dream. I bought her a little nap dress (to match the one I have lol) for her birthday.

Currently Watching: Oh gosh lots of stuff! We started Loki (on Disney+), finished Mare of Easttown (HBO), watched Hustler and the Housewife (Hulu) and Inside by Bo Burnham (Netflix), and also saw In The Heights (HBO) which has been on repeat in my head ever since.

Most Popular Item of the Week: The Ellie Nap Dress! They had a great new launch this week and also restocked my favorite blue and white print. I also picked up the same print in the sleeve version of that dress.

What Made Me Happy: I had an opportunity to book a last-minute place in Nantucket for the month of July and I did! I'm so excited to be going back to the island and I'll have a somewhat revolving door of friends visiting throughout the month so it will be a great trip!!

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