House Update: Month 3

I have to say that I am loving these house updates because it reminds me how much I actually have gotten done even when I feel like I've done nothing. I have to keep reminding myself it takes time and not everything can be done in a day -- and that's ok! So if you also need to hear that message, this ones for you!

Family Room:

The family room looks about the same as last time, nothing has changed here except the flowers in the vase and just cleaning up of items around the room. We're still waiting on our Arhaus couch that will come in late May before we change anything in here since it'll be the center point of the room.

Dining Room:

Same thing with the dining room, no change. I have a chandelier ready and waiting but our handyman needs to come over and switch it out. I go back and forth everyday about paint vs wallpaper in here and what color. Same with the curtains, so it's just at a standstill for now. 

Living Room:

THIS is a big change but not one that lasted more than a few days lol. I finally got the place clean and tidy and somewhat empty and now it is currently filled with childhood boxes from my house that I need to go through. But just let me have this moment to enjoy the room somewhat clean.

Entry Way:

This is a big update(?) kind of. But it's somewhat decorated here. I added a couple catch all porcelain for our face masks and mail but it probably wont stay this way forever. I also got in some amazing new benches and I can't wait to share more about them soon. They are so perfect for this space!

Our Bedroom:

With my parents coming into town, we needed to switch out the king matress on the floor (in the guest room) to a real bed (which was in our room) so my parents weren't sleeping on the floor. So the state of our bedroom is as bleak as ever but the bedframe *should* be in tomorrow which I can't wait for. And our boll and branch sheets will also go on then and I am SO excited. We've been without boll and branch for a couple weeks now and I hate it. 

Once the bedframe comes in I can start putting together a vision for the room and planning different things out like a paint color, rug, nightstands, and ideas for the nook. 

Needlepoint Office:

THIS is a major change -- probably the *most* change since last month. But boy oh boy does it feel GOOD. Having a functional office is amazing and I can't wait to share more. It turned out exactly as planned and it looks so so so good. 

My Office:

My office hosted my dad on an air matress (he snores and reads here so hi lol) which is wy my space is just open right now. But there are also some big changes in here like the new gallery wall which I love (and will show more of soon) and the closet (which is not visible in this picture) which I will also share more of soon!!

Andrew's Office:

No change here! So no new photo.

Guest Room:

We wanted to put this room together for my mom during her stay. It's not the most functional room but it works so this is how it will stay for a bit until we need the room for a baby in the future. The plan is to have the guest room be Andrew's office (since he'll be back at work) and this will be baby #1's room. The dresser and mirror will stay and the rest of the room will be in the office, which is a more suitable layout for a queen bed!

If you missed last month, you can check out month 2 here!

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