House Update: Month 2

House Update: Month 2

A little late (I forgot 🙈), but better late than never? If you asked me what's new with the house I'd tell you nothing. But looking back from our last post during our first month I was kind of shocked. So much has changed in a month. It makes me feel a lot better if I'm being honest. There is a ton left to do, but I feel like we're getting to a good place, and I'm not so overwhelmed with everything. So let me walk you through our new updates.

House Update: Month 2

house update office

My Office:

A lot has changed in here since the last update! We have a rug (that I love), a new light fixture (that I got on FBMP for $100!), hung some artwork, and took down the curtains! So we're moving on up in the world. 

My next goal in here is to install a gallery wall above the file cabinet (which we are doing as we speak), figure out whether to paint or wallpaper, choose curtains, replace the closet doors (and redo the closet itself), and then also figure out a desk chair! As you can see, we are sans chairs in here right now because I needed them to test spacing for another room. But they will be put back today.

Needlepoint Office:

We just had a major launch so the room is messy again. The main issue here is that I don't have any kind of organizational furniture or storage. I need to start buying things for this office (like a desk), but I've been busy with other things. I told myself after the launch I'd start to tackle it, so that's on my to-do this week. We did move in the chest of drawers I got a while back and love how it fits in the space. 

Andrew's Office/Gym:

Nothing has changed in here except a mat for under his chair. I'm letting him do his thing in his office!

house update guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom:

I finally cleaned up and organized this room. The linens are put away, the dresser is moved and I placed the mirror that didn't work in our bedroom. It paired nicely with our old dresser from the apartment.

My parents are driving out to see us early next month so we're hoping to have a bed set up for them by then and have it a little more put together. I'm not really going to do much with this room because a few years down the road this will be the baby's room, and Andrew's office will become the guest room (since he should be back at work).

just moved houses update
moving houses experience

Our Bedroom:

Not much has changed in here either as we're waiting for our new bed to arrive. It should be here soon! If you remember, we're holding off on doing anything until that arrives since it will be the anchor of the room. We did, however, put up curtains in the closet. I love them. I also moved my vanity to the other side of the wall to see if I liked it. I'm still trying to figure out what my plan is for that little nook.

family room
family room fireplace

Family Room:

This is our family room sans Christmas tree! We put a little seating area by the window for the time being since we had extra chairs. It's really just a mish-mosh of extra furniture we have lying around. The fireplace has some new accessories as I'm trying to figure out what works best for us. It looks cluttered because it is, so I'm giving it time. We placed an order for a new couch that should arrive in May. So we'll wait on that before doing anything else in here. 

We also have my SIL's recliner that she needed to get rid of. It doesn't work here, but it's nice to have something slightly more comfortable than our couch (which is the worst lol). We're not in the business right now of saying no to free furniture. It will stay here until we move it upstairs (probably into Andrew's office).

dining room

Dining Room:

Lots of exciting updates here! The rug is the biggest one, but we also hung up a mirror and some art. Now we're debating on wallpaper and curtains, and then need to find a weekend to install our new chandelier that I won at an auction a few weeks back. We're getting close I can feel it!

entryway mirror


(lol @ me in the mirror) The biggest thing here is the mirror and decor on the table. We're going to wait on the dining room before we figure out any kind of wallpaper or paint colors for this area. For now, it's good as is!

living room stock room

Living Room:

This is 100% our storage room. Just a bunch of stuff I want out of the way. Almost everything in this room is for sale. Not that I'm in any rush to get this room empty because it's the least of my priorities lol.

I hope this helps to show you that you don't have to decorate your house in a day and a more realistic "I just moved" picture of our life right now. Excited to take you through the process over the next few years and look back to see where we started!

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