Weekend Update: March 12

Happy Friday! I hope the weather in your area has been as good to you as it has been to us. It's like I'm a NEW PERSON and I didn't know I needed it so.

Weekend Update: March 12

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-I'm obsessed with how pretty this dress is. One of those "wear wherever" dresses!

-My favorite summer earrings are back in two new colors!!

-These Steve Madden sandals are exact dupes for the Hermes ones

-This blue and white dress is so pretty and currently 30% off with another 15% off on top!

-Just ordered this headband for summer :)

Weekend Plans: I'll be doing all the things I didn't get done this week! Like planning out content, painting, and doing taxes!

Currently Watching: We've been watching so many of the award show movies this week, but with the nominations coming out on Monday, we decided to hold off until then to see what is a must see. For those who don't know, I try to see every movie nominated for Oscars in each of the major categories (best & supporting actor/actress, cinematography, director, and film). So until then, we have started Homeland! Andrew has never seen it and I stopped watching around season five because I moved away from my parent's Showtime subscription lol.

Most Popular Item of the Week: This scallop crop sweatshirt/top (just $20!)

What Made Me Happy: Finally feeling like myself again. It's so wild how much we take for granted in our everyday life.

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