Abercrombie & Fitch: Curve Love Denim Short Review

I did the unthinkable and ordered Abercrombie and Fitch off of the recommendation of my friend Kate! She said she found the best denim shorts and I decided to see if they work for my body type too.

AND THEY DID. Not that I was doubting anyone, but a lot of shorts look really good on smaller girls. And sometimes my butt and thighs aren’t up for the task. Feeling a little desperate, and yearning for summer, I decided to buy myself a few pairs and give them the old college try.

For size reference I’m normally a 29/8 in jeans, so I bought my normal size and one size up (it still is A&F after all — the memories are strong). I listed the sizes of each below but overall, I’d say they run pretty TTS. If you’re shopping online, it couldn’t hurt to get two sizes to see what’s best and return the one that doesn’t fit. Always be sure to check reviews too! Sometimes different washes and run differently.

They are also pretty stretchy (compared to like AGOLDE which have no stretch) and really smooth/comfortable for denim shorts. I think I was most surprised by that — that the quality of the denim held up with some of my designer purchases. They all were also kind of stretchy, which I usually find to be a good thing when it comes to shorts. Nobody needs tight denim shorts. Time will tell if they stretch out too much.

I think what really makes them great is the length — short but not revealing, and long but not old (if that makes any sense) and the cut on the side of the shorts. It’s a very small and rather minor split along the seam but it really makes a world of difference when you’re sitting down. Aka the sit test. Do they make my thighs turned into stuffed sausage? No. There is some breathing room! The front of the shorts do roll but they’re not uncomfortable in any way.

So have we found the holy grail of denim shorts? Really, only time (summer) will tell, but so far, I feel pretty good about them! Here are the styles I tried on and the sizes I took in each:

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