Weekend Update: March 19

This week seemed to fly by! Was busy with very good things around the house, with the blog and with family. Looking forward to the weekend since we're due for some sunshine in the area!

Weekend Update: March 19

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-I am low key very obsessed with this white eyelet top

-I've been on the hunt for a great white summer bag for years and I finally found one I think may be *the one*. And I love it. It should come in later today!!!

-You guys loved this white fancy t-shirt so much last week I wanted to share it again in case anyone missed it!

-I love the idea of a tennis necklace (but not the price) and ordered this one from Amazon on a whim and guys... it's legit. It looks so good on and even my mom commented on it!

-I have this really cute yoga set from Amazon in my cart as well -- TikTok is going crazy for it and I think I may need it. 

Weekend Plans: I have lots of painting to do this weekend for the needlepoint shop. I'm trying to get one more launch of our needlepoint headbands out before our big drop in May.

Currently Watching: I watched "Made You Look" this week and it was the most fascinating documentary about a real-life art fraud/scam that happened about 10 years ago. It's on Netflix, a must-watch! We're also making our way through the rest of the Oscar nominations and we just finished season 1 of Homeland. Lots of good TV this week.

Most Popular Item of the Week: These jean shorts!! I have a sneaking suspicion that these are going to be a top seller of the year.

What Made Me Happy: I finally got a haircut this week!! And I love it. We cut off a little over 4 inches and added a ton of layers. It feels so much lighter and it's been only my second cut in the past year, so it was very needed. AND our parents are all vaccinated!! Everyone has had both shots outside my mom who just has her first one but YAY!!! We also got good news that our date in CT moved up from May to April so things are really on the up and up.

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