2019 Travel

If 2018 was the year of weddings that cut into our travel, 2019 was the year our wedding cut into it! We were obviously saving a lot more for that and for our honeymoon so this year was all domestic with lots of travels to Chicago and Atlanta to see family and trips to Nantucket to visit and do wedding stuff! 

It was another amazing year that I'm so grateful for! 2020 is shaping up to be pretty great too!

Started the year in Atlanta for my nephews first birthday (filming his smash cake lol)

Vegas with friends celebrating Andrew's Birthday 

Chicago twice in March  to do some wedding stuff and then again for my mom's birthday

Then to Mexico for my Bachelorette!

Back to Atlanta April

Nantucket for my birthday in May

Nantucket for a press trip in June

Babysitting in Atlanta with my mom 

Chicago for the 4th of July

Nantucket for last-minute wedding things

Nantucket again for the wedding

Back to Atlanta again for babysitting (and test run at parenting lol)

Orlando for our Halloween trip to Disney

Chicago to visit my parents and friends

North Carolina for Thanksgiving

A day in LA visiting Disneyland kicking off our honeymoon

And currently... Australia! 

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