Weekend Update: January 8

Weekend Update January 8

Hi friends, happy 2021... we had what? A good 5-day streak going on? Well, I can just feel 2022 will be our year lol. Hope you have a nice weekend 💙

Weekend Update: January 8

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-This scallop side table is SO cute. I've been seeing it pop up everywhere but I just don't currently have a need for it. But I hope you do -- they sell out so quickly and are on sale for $94!

-Speaking of scallop side tables... this one is ALSO super cute (just much more expensive lol).

-LSF x Beach Riot dropped an amazing workout line -- I may have ordered a blue bow thing or two.

-One of my favorite sweaters from last year is back in stock! Just $69 and a great dressed up casual look to have in your closet

-This Sail to Sable x Jack Rogers Collab is the bright spot in my week. Dreaming of a sunny place (preferably on a beach) to wear this.

Weekend Plans: I have a "honey do" list set and ready for this weekend lol. We're hanging up a mirror, putting the Christmas decor in the attic, cleaning up the downstairs area, and getting the fireplaces ready for cleaning next week.

Currently Watching: I'm about an episode away from the ending of Pretty Little Things on Netflix. It's pretty dumb and horribly acted but I started and now I just can't stop soooo...

Most Popular Item of the Week: These fleece sweatpants! They are soooo comfortable and warm. It's all I wear now lol.

What Made Me Happy:
Needlepointing. It has always made me happy but especially these last few days, I'm always grateful for it. It's the perfect, mindless thing to do while watching TV (or avoiding it). Such a shitty past few days, but I see a little light coming in just 13 days!

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