Weekend Update: December 18

Weekend Update: December 18

Happy Friday and one-week countdown to Christmas. This month really did seem to fly by. Well, actually the whole year did when I think of it now. I'm excited to start a new year, but also looking forward to having these next few weeks to celebrate the best time of the year. 

Weekend Update: December 18

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-These are some really good looking Nikes! I do not need another pair of sneakers but these sure are tempting me.

-I've been wearing this windowpane jacket all month and have really come to love it. A few people asked if it's warm enough for the winter and I think it is! I mean it's no Canada Goose but it's a nice way to stay cute and warm in the colder months. 

-You really want to know what I can't stop wearing? These fleece-lined sweatpants. And by fleece-lined, I mean LITERAL fleece/sherpa material. They are the warmest sweatpants ever and I cannot stop wearing them. I wear a large for a bit of a looser fit and they are perfect. Only $36

-I always keep an eye out for cute new arrivals at Tuckernuck and this dress caught my eye this week! I love the two-tone around the collar and it won't break the bank which is always a plus. 

-This new sweater looks extra cozy.

Weekend Plans: 

I'm not totally sure about our weekend plans actually! For the first time in a while, I don't think we have any. I know we have a long list of things to tackle in the house on our to-do list, so I'm sure we'll start to chip away at more of that. But I'm kind of in a standstill right now in terms of what I can do with the limited things we have. I need to start working on my blog office and getting that organized and set up so I can get some work done. I've been working from my vanity in our bedroom as of late lol.

Currently Watching: We are still watching a Christmas movie each night so we haven't been watching much else. But when we can, we slip in the new Challenge season and a few episodes of Big Mouth on Netflix.

Most Popular Item of the Week: This pack of holiday masks from J. Crew! They're not the best masks out there but they are really cute so I like to wear them to feel extra festive. 

What Made Me Happy: We got our first snow in the new house and the power didn't go out! We were really worried about that lol but we made it and got to enjoy the first snow. I even helped shovel the walkway. I told Andrew we're real adults now.

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