Cozy at Home Gift Guide Pt 2

Cozy at Home Gift Guide Pt 2

Happy Thursday! I'm back with another Cozy At Home gift guide. Today's is all about things you can (and will want to) wear this winter and holiday season.

Cozy at Home Gift Guide: Pt 2

 Skims Robe/Tank/Shorts 

I just got these and WOW I am *obsessed*. I feel like these are great gift ideas for new moms, or your mom/sister who just like to be comfortable but still look cute.

UGG Fleece Joggers 

Fleece joggers are a MUST for winter. I have a pair and wear them all the time now.

L.L. Bean Plaid Flannel Pajamas 

LL Bean has some amazing pajamas and are something that will last you for years to come. Parents also love LL Bean so it's a perfect gift for a MIL.

UGG Shearling Slippers 

I've had these slippers since high school and wear them often. They're great to  slide on and wear either around the house or out to the mailbox. Everyone loves slippers, so they are a  great gift idea for people who may be hard to shop for.

BP. Teddy Bear Socks 

This is a perfect, affordable, and easy small gift for someone. No one ever wants socks, but I promise they will end up wearing them more than they think.

UGG Wrap Cardigan 

I'm here for a comfy cardigan option for winter when you just want an extra layer of clothes but it's not acceptable to wear your snuggie... 

Thread & Supply Fleece Pullover 

This is one of my best sellers from last year and I know so many people (including myself!) who have and love this pullover. Perfect to pair with leggings for the *most* cozy and comfy look.

L.L. Bean Fireside Gripper Socks 

Don't sleep on grippy socks! I slip and slide all the time on hardwood floors, so this may be a better gift idea for your clumsy or older friends/family members.

L.L. Bean Shearling Moccasin 

If you're looking for a more unisex/classic slipper, go with the Wicked Good slippers from LL Bean. Almost everyone in Andrew's family has their own pair (including both of us!) and they see a lot of love throughout the year. There are a ton of color options and styles to chose from to find something for everyone on your list.

Hanna Anderson Dear Dear Pajamas 

Hanna Anderson is THE place to get family PJs. Every other year my sister and I get matching family PJs as part of our tradition. A few years back I found HA. Turns out everyone in the family loved them. 

UGG Fluffy Lounge Hoodie 

This hoodie is perfect for the I want to be cute but comfortable person on your list. I love that you can dress it "up" with jeans or down with leggings for a cute look either way.

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