Weekend Update: November 6

Weekend Update: November 6

Happy Friday! Has this week not felt very reminiscent of March/early April? Where it lasts forever, you're glued to your TV for news that doesn't come, and you're in a sort of waiting game? Because same. Cheers to the weekend?

Weekend Update: November 6

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-This plaid print cocoon coat is 52% off today and I think I may just *need* it

-One of my FAVORITE dresses this year now comes in black!!!!

-Picked up this setting spray from the Sephora sale and omg ... I've never had anything lock in makeup as well as this. It creates a sturdy film on your face.

-Constantly telling myself I do not need another Dudley but how great is their new Greenpoint turtleneck??

Best Sale of the Week: 

The Dyson Airwrap is on sale up to 20% off with code "HOLIDAYFUN"

Weekend Plans: 

We are hoping to restock Penny Linn so soon and a lot of the big stuff we were waiting on is starting to trickle in! So I'll be painting, packaging, shooting and a whole lot more to prepare for the new arrivals.

Currently Watching: 

All the cheesy Netflix movies just to feel normal again lol. I watched The Holidate, which I enjoyed but it was a little raunchy!, Love Guaranteed, which was pretty dumb. I have like 30 minutes left to watch but I know how it'll play out lol. And most recently Operation Christmas Drop, which is basically a Hallmark movie but on Netflix.

Most Popular Item of the Week: 

My most favorite sweater *of all time* just came out in a DRESS FORM and I am so in love with it. I bought it in black and brown and surprisingly love the black. It's currently 50% off so now is the time to snatch it up :)

What Made Me Happy: 

Ummmm mail-in ballots?? Arizona? Half the people in Georgia? Nevada if they stay on my good side lol.

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