Cozy at Home Gift Guide Pt 1

Cozy at Home Gift Guide Pt 1

It's Wednesday and I wanted to continue the promise of getting out a new gift guide every week. I know you may feel weird today, but I hope I can be a welcome distraction and a small break from the rest of the world.

MIDDLE ROW: Ticket to RideL.L .Bean Dog Lover's PuzzleOhom Kopi Mug & Warmer Set 
BOTTOM ROW: L.L. Bean Deluxe ScrabbleTarget Hand Warmer Mug / Apple TV

We are going to be spending a TON of time at home this winter and there is no better time to stock up on some cozy at home items to make your winter the best it can be. These are great lists for just about anyone on your list, including yourself!!

Cozy at Home Gift Guide Pt 1

Trudeau 3-in-1 Fondue Set 

This is more random than anything but I thought a fondue set is the perfect gift to treat someone who "has it all." It's such an obscure, but fun, thing to have in your kitchen. A friend of mine got one for her wedding and has randomly used it a ton this year. She can't stop raving about it!

Dr. Dennis Pro Facial Steamer 

Now this is a hot commodity since everyone is focused on skincare at home. A steamer is the one thing that's hard to replicate without something like this. This steamer comes highly rated and is on sale right now for 15-20% off with code HOLIDAYFUN

ChappyWrap Herringbone Navy Blanket / LL Bean Fleece Throw Blanket 

Throw blankets are a MUST this winter. Is there anything better than snuggling up under one on a cold day? I love my Chappy Wrap (and it's what I'll be gifting to my MIL!) but I understand it can be expensive. L.L. Bean has a great option for cozy and cute blankets everyone on your list will love. 

Ticket to Ride 

We bought this back in March and it has shot to our No. 1 favorite board game to play. The best thing is, you can play it with two people (min) or with up to five! We played it a lot this summer with our family and I can't tell you how much everyone got into it. We're actually going to gift a double set to my BIL, who loved playing this game.

L.L .Bean Dog Lover's Puzzle 

This is a great puzzle for just about anyone who has or loves dogs. Puzzles are going to make their comeback this winter and this is a great set that will be fun to complete, and isn't overly difficult.

Ohom Kopi Mug & Warmer Set 

I thought this was a really fun, unique gift for the holidays. It's perfect for keeping your coffee, tea or cider hot. It's a truly brilliant device! Whenever I make tea it gets SO cold so quickly. I think this would be great to have on hand, especially on a cold day.

L.L. Bean Deluxe Scrabble 

Repeat it with me: board games! This is the step up version of a classic, so if your family loves and plays Scrabble all the time, maybe it's time to buy a version that is built to last.

Target Hand Warmer Mug 

I thought this mug was SO cool. Great for mug lovers in your life, or a more generic or small gift for those hard to buy people on your list.

Apple TV 

I've basically tried them all: Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Fire Stick -- you name it, I've used it. While they are all pretty much the same, I have much preferred our Apple TV over everything else. I really like how easy it is to connect and control with my phone and computer. Honestly, this is a *perfect* gift for the guy in your life -- dad, boyfriend, brother, everyone will love it. It's "tech-y" but not confusing and there are so many things you can do with it. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a cozy gift guide you can wear! Until then, you can check out previous gift guides HERE.

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