Small Business Gift Guide: Part 1

Small Business Gift Guide: Part 1

WOW, October 28th and I'm sharing my first gift guide of the year?! Who am I? Gift guides usually start in November but I thought it was best to get this out sooner rather than later because of shipping delays. I wanted to highlight and show my love for the small businesses in my life and in my home. I wanted to give them extra extra love this holiday season. It's important to help support small businesses when we can -- this year more than ever -- and so here we are.

Today will be Part One and tomorrow will be Part Two. I split it up to give equal love to a lot of stores that I think you should shop at, but also present them in a way that's not too overwhelming. Please enjoy and shop small!!

TOP ROW: Dudley Stephens: Fleece Turtleneck Tuckernuck: Plaid Shift Dress / Hampton Ivy: Pearl Drop Necklace / Sail to Sable: Sparkle Tunic Dress / Tuckernuck: Gold Sequin Lantern Earrings / Weezie Towels: Piped Edge Hand Towels
MIDDLE ROW: The Tiny Tassel: Red Bow Earrings / ChappyWrap: Plaid Blanket / Lisi Lerch: Black Bow Pearl Drop Earrings / Hampton Ivy: Charm Bracelet
BOTTOM ROW: IndigoHome Etsy: Dog Bowl / Lake Pajamas: Hydrangea Long-Short PJ Set / House of Noa: Eden NamaMat

Small Business Gift Guide: Part 1

Dudley Stephens 

One of my favorite small businesses to share as I love all their items. The hype is real with these fleece turtlenecks. I have yet to find someone who buys one and doesn't go back to buy 10 more. They re-stock every so often, but if you find something in your size and preferred color/style, it's best to snatch it ASAP. They sell out pretty quickly.


Tuckernuck is one of my favorite stores to shop at for clothing and accessories! They have a wide range of styles and prices, which makes them great for everyone. Not to mention their curated picks are spot on to my style: classic, a touch trendy, and a mix of preppy! These gold ball earrings and this plaid dress are on top of my holiday wish list!

Sail to Sable 

Speaking of holiday looks, Sail to Sable always CRUSHES it with their holiday collection. All the sparkle tweed, the plaid, the velvet -- you just can't go wrong. The owner Jen is also one of the nicest people in the world!

The Tiny Tassel 

This is a favorite small business of mine lately as Mimi is the most wonderful, bright, and cheerful person around! I absolutely love following her on Instagram and her store has a ton of really cute things like earrings, clothes, party accessories, and more. She makes a lot of her own stuff too! If you're looking to support a single woman company this season, this is the one to support!

Weezie Towels 

Hopefully you've heard of these towels by now, but if you haven't let me put you on to them. They are some of *the best* towels I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of towels lol. I can't seem to find ones I like for long enough. I don't know how they do it, but the towels are super absorbent and make it really great to dry off after a shower. Not to mention they CUTE af. It's the perfect marriage of aesthetics and function.  

Chappy Wrap 

It wouldn't be a small business list without Chappy Wrap! These are THE BEST throw blankets and I am under mine every.single.day. And if you maybe haven't splurged on one yet, adding this to your holiday wish list is the move! I'm asking for the Sara Fitz ginger jar blanket for Christmas and also getting one for my MIL (who runs just as cold as I do)! The main thing here is that they sell out quickly and don't restock for a while. So when they have their new drop in mid-November, I would recommend scooping what you can!

Lisi Lerch 

If you've seen my jewelry collection, then you know it's about 50% Lisi Lerch earrings. They always have great styles that are fresh, fun, and on-trend at affordable prices. BUT that's not even the best part: their earrings are SO LIGHT. I've never had any issue with pain or discomfort when wearing LL and it's why I have so many earrings from them. I love statement earrings, but I'm at the age where I don't want to put up with any kind of pain when wearing them. Life is too short lol.

Hampton Ivy 

So many of you recommended Hampton Ivy when I asked about small businesses that you love! I checked out her page and she has a TON of really cute and unique jewelry at a really affordable price!

Indigo Home Shop 

Indigo Home is a really great Etsy store that specializes in cute, preppy, blue and white home goods and decor. A lot of her items are handmade and painted and are so special! I personally love to gift these to pet owners so they can style their dog or cat accessories in the best way.

Lake Pajamas 

I have actually never hopped on the Lake Pajamas bandwagon but I know so many friends who swear by them. They seem wonderful, but I'm not a big PJ girl. I sleep in sweats, which is not fun nor cute, but I can appreciate a good pair of PJs when I see them.

House of Noa 

We have a House of Noa mat in our kitchen and I cannot say enough about it. I feel like it often gets overlooked probably because it's something we use every day that we don't think about, but it is one of my favorite home items. It's supportive, pretty, doesn't slip, cleans SUPER easily, and is built to last. I think their whole product line is awesome and has something for everyone. I know when we have kids or a house, I'll be back for more of their stuff! I'm actually getting this for my mom for Christmas and I think she's going to love it as much as I do!

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