Weekend Update: September 25

Weekend Update: September 25

Happy this week is coming to an end. How about you??

Weekend Update: September 25

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-This chunky turtleneck is what fall dreams are made of

-Everyone needs a plaid mini skirt for fall

-I'm about 5 minutes away from buying this faux suede navy dress for fall and winter

-Loving this new fleece blanket from Dudley Stephens -- with 100% of the retail sales going to St Jude

-I am OBSESSED with Chappy Wrap and there is just no way around it. I take this blanket with me everywhere and am always snuggled under it. And while I don't *need* a third one, I really want this Nantucket print blanket.

Best Sale of the Week: 

J. Crew is offering 40% off for cozy fall styles with code "COZY"

Weekend Plans: We're actually visiting my sister and her family this weekend for my niece's 5th birthday. There is no one else I'd ever travel right now for, then my niece. We haven't been able to see them since February and I can't wait to hang out with and see her!!

A Must Do: Please take 5 minutes and head over to I Am A Voter to check your voter registration (even if you are 99% sure you're good to go, CHECK AGAIN!) to make sure you're all set to vote in November. Also, a good time to check your state's rules and regulations, request an absentee ballot, and see if you can vote early. It's time to make a plan!

Most Popular Item of the Week: This Tory Burch mask pack for fall! Still waiting for mine to come in and I'm super excited

What Made Me Happy: This week has been rough with everything going on in the world -- sometimes it's just too heavy to even fully understand or want to listen to/read about. So I'm trying to focus on a positive and that is being able to see my sister and family today. I think that will probably make my month!

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