Holiday Planning (I Need Your Help!)

Holiday Planning

I can't tell you how excited I am for the holiday season this year! I'm obviously trying to focus on the positive because it's going to be really hard being away from family. Our plans are a little up in the air currently as we try to work around being able to see my mom (who has autoimmune issues) and my sister (whose husband is an essential worker). So instead of thinking about it too much, I'm trying to think of all the great things.

Holiday Planning

I think I'm mainly excited because it's something safe to look forward to. Does that make sense? Like in the summer you're excited for your travel plans or in the fall you're excited to go apple picking, leaf-peeping, or the park. But this year was different and I haven't had much to look forward to!

So the thought of the holidays, where it's cozy-stay-inside season, gets me excited. It's one thing that I feel like can't be taken away! So I'm going to go hard with decor and holiday cheer. I would *love* to start decorating our place November 1 but I'm going to give Thanksgiving its full month and hit the ground running December 1. 

I'm excited to put up a Christmas tree, decorate our place, put on holiday music, watch classic movies, snuggle near a fire, bundle up in cozy clothes, burn some scented candles, and enjoy the holiday season. GAH!! Who's with me??

And while I'll be waiting to decorate until December, I'm starting holiday content on the blog THIS WEEK with our first gift guide of 2020. I plan for most of the gift guides to come out on Wednesdays so just be on the lookout for that. We're starting with small businesses this week!

SO what I would love from you guys is feedback on what you want to see this year. I know the holidays may look a lot different for most of us so I wanted to hear from you all on what content is best for the blog. I do one of these questionnaires every year and learn so much from it. I am forever grateful for each and every one of you who submits! 

If you can, please take 1-2 minutes to fill out this quick survey (either below or via this link here) it would be forever grateful!!


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