Weekend Update: September 4

Weekend Update: September 4

Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends! I hope you all will be enjoying what's left of summer. We are off to Nantucket on Sunday and I am very excited to get away. Speaking of, Peter Beaton is having a LDW sale to check out (that is where my hat is from above).

Weekend Update: September 4

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-This really cute sweater dress for just $55

-My jaw dropped seeing this white top. I have ZERO places to wear it but omgggg

-I love and own this dress but wanted to let you know it's on sale and there is a pop up right now for 20% off the sale price!

-Y-E-S to this J. Crew headband and bow

Best Sale of the Week: 

A ton of Labor Day sales this weekend, but the one I'll be shopping is J. Crew 40% off!

Weekend Plans: 

Our one year anniversary is tomorrow (yay!) and we're heading to Nantucket for a week to celebrate. I am very excited to be there. We haven't been back since our wedding, and this is possibly the longest we've ever gone without being in Nantucket. It will be a nice mini-vacation, although I assume I'll still be working a lot since the needlepoint shop opens the Monday we get back!

A Must Read: 

A shameless plug for my needlepoint blog: I just published a blog post for needlepoint terms to know. It's a helpful glossary!

Most Popular Item of the Week: 

This Amazon tank top! I have it in four colors now (I'm wearing it now as I type) and it's just $20. I don't know why, but this is possibly the best tank ever. It just is. You gotta wear it to believe it! Make sure to size up. I wear the large and it fits great.

What Made Me Happy: 

Kind of a big deal but gyms opened on Wednesday and I was able to see my trainer again. I've admittedly been so bad about working out, so I'm excited to get back into it. More importantly, I was excited to see her. She's amazing and a dear friend and I missed her so much!

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