Ask Me About Needlepoint!

Ask Me About Needlepoint!

For anyone who may not have heard, I'm opening a needlepoint store on September 14th (which is coming up very soon!!) and I'm so excited. The purpose of the store is to bring my own ideas and items to life, but also to help bring others (like you!) into the world of needlepoint. 

I want the site to be a place for all needlepointers (new and old) to come to have a safe space to ask questions, to learn new things, to try out something new ... everything! There are a lot of resources out there to help learn and practice your skills but I wanted to find a fun new way to share things (read: a lot of videos) and a cleaner and more organized place to learn (so many websites from the early 2000's out there!).

Ask Me About Needlepoint!

And while I am in no way a pro, I thought it would be fun to learn together, to share what I know and to help anyone learn to love needlepoint.

So with that, I have a few requests for you...

1. What do you want to know, learn, or get better at? Do you want to know the basic terms? How to get started? How to switch thread colors? How to stitch different designs?

2. Who do you want to hear from, learn about, get to know? Store owners, other designers, avid needlepointers? Do you want to learn how they paint, how they got started, who to follow, and where to shop? What about how to finish a canvas?

3. What do you want to know about Penny Linn Designs? Ask me anything about the store, about the process of getting started, the products, the canvases, details about the opening, offerings, etc!

If you could answer these in the comments below (or feel free to email me if that is better -- krista@pennylinndesigns.com) I would seriously love you forever!! Just note 1. 2. and 3. with your answers so I can keep them organized. Remember to be as detailed as possible and no question is off-limits or too small/big. This will be super helpful AND I will make sure it's covered and answered!

AND to make it a little more fun and enticing, I'll offer a $100 GC and early access to the shop on launch day! So just make sure to leave either your IG handle or email address so I can get in touch with you!!

Thank you so so so much!!!!

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