My New Obsession: Face Mask Chains

Face Mask Chains: Stylish Face Masks

I have something that is about to flip your world upside down. You've seen them, you've wondered about them, and I'm here to let you know mask chains are where it's at. They are worth it.

 Why I'm Loving Face Mask Chains

I don't know about you, but I've been getting served all of the mask ad content lately. And I kept seeing one from Lele Sadoughi for this pearl mask chain to wear around your neck. The first 100 times I saw it, I was like, "this is dumb." But then I saw it on a friend and I was like, "ooohhhhh thats niceeeee." And I started contemplating spending $75 on a pearl chain. I know, I know.

Thankfully I snapped out of it and decided to take matters into my own hands. I've had this sunglass strap for quite some time now (from BaubleBar) that looked pretty much identical to the ad I'd been getting, and thought I could probably DIY something for about $5 with the help of Amazon.

Little did I know that my sunglass strap was also a convertible necklace. What are the chances?! So each strand of the pearl sunglass chain could clip on to each other or onto something else, meaning it could be a MASK CHAIN.

How to use a sunglass chain for your face mask
Pearl sunglass chain turned into face mask chain
Pearl Face Mask Chain
DIY Facemask Chain
Do it yourself chain for your face mask
How to turn your pearl sunglass chain into a face mask chain

The Easiest DIY Chain For A Face Mask

I've never been happier with myself for doing nothing lol. I mean, tell me this is not the most serendipitous thing ever! It works perfectly and honestly, I've been loving it. I always feel bad/weird taking off my mask and putting it elsewhere, but now I can wear it around my neck when not in use and then hang it up when I get home.

I do love the idea that you can change it out to a sunglass chain when the mask thing is over (obvi not for a while), so I was able to find a few other options for a sunglass AND mask chain below. The one from Tuckernuck is really cool because you don't have to mess with it, it has both at once

Obviously, it's a little bit bougie but man is it handy!! *Everyone* should be wearing a mask right now so we're all in the same predicament. Are there times when you can take your mask off but don't know where to put it? Mask chain. What about in the car, sitting down to eat, being out in the park? Mask chain.

I promise that if you find one you love you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Sadly mine sold out last week BUT I did find some other options at different price points AND other pearl options if you want something similar!

Sunglass + Mask Chains:

Lele Sadoughi Pearl Chain $75
Tuckernuck Tortise Sunglass + Mask Chain $68
BaubleBar Pearl Sunglass + Mask Chain $25 (currently sold out but they have this gold ball option and this gold twist option) 
But if you're really in the mood for a pearl chain mask holder, I found these below for a really great price!!

Pearl Mask Chain:

Some other really similar (just mask) pearl chain options would be here $11 // here $12 // here $15 and here $12

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