July Favorites

July Favorites

Ok can we all agree that July flew by?? It went by so fast but it was also such a horrible month. I felt like it really "hit me" this month that this pandemic is far from over and this year is basically a wash. I got really depressed mid-July and was stuck in a funk that I couldn't shake. But I'm happy to say that I've gotten past it and have exciting things to look forward to in the coming months. SO with that, here are some random things that made my month better!

July Favorites


Scoop Bodysuit // I don't really know why but I am obsessed with this bodysuit!! It's the perfect material, super soft, fits nicely, and it's very affordable. I need to pick it up in other colors and styles because I keep wearing the same white one on repeat (like, enough is enough lol). 

Summersalt Swim // This was my first time trying out Summersalt and I was able to get some items (gifted) for my trip to the beach in early July. I totally get the hype now. These swimsuits are amazing. They are so well made and cute, but the big seller for me is that they make you look good and feel good. I can't remember the last time I felt *that* good in a bathing suit!

TJ Smoothing Bra // This has become a holy grail product for me! GAH, it's a great bra. It's the perfect bra for when you want/need to wear a bra but don't want to. Does that make sense? Like I can't go braless around the apartment because they will start to hurt but I also don't really want to be wearing a full bra. This bralette is the perfect in-between. It gives *just* enough support, but feels like you're wearing nothing. It's also an amazing bra for tight-fitting shirts as it smooths out everything without giving you a uni-boob!

Mask Chains // I know I just wrote a blog post about this yesterday, but seriously, a mask chain has TOTALLY changed my world. It's great for when you're out and about and need your mask handy but don't want to put it away or lay it down anywhere. 

Pore Extractor // I've talked about this a lot before but this product amazes me every time I use it. I deal with a lot of clogged pores/black and whiteheads A LOT around my nose and chin. I have big pores!! This gets everything out. It's grossly satisfying to watch all the gunk literally pop out of my pores when I use this. I didn't buy into the hype at first but now I'm full steam ahead. 


Needlepointing // This past month has been a LOT of needlepointing for me in preparation for my store launch in September (eek!). I've been stitching all the designs to get thread count information, see how easy/or not it is to stitch, show you what it'll look like stitched and so on. There has also been a lot of behind the scenes working to get everything I need to launch a store -- and it's been a lot. But it's been fun and a nice change of pace. I'm excited to get this thing up and running soon!

Seed Probiotics // I've been taking these for about two months now and I really like them. I know it's always a little weird promoting anything you ingest (I try to stay away from it as much as possible) but a friend turned me on to it and I have been testing them for a sponsorship for the past two months!! I like how in order to work with them you have to go through a course study on how it works, what they do, and how to properly promote it. 

House of Noa Yoga Mat // I will caveat this to say Andrew is using it more than I am, but wow, have you ever seen a prettier yoga mat? I used to do hot yoga in the city pre-pandemic and I really miss it, but just wait until I can go back and show off this beautiful yoga mat! I love House of Noa and we actually have their kitchen mat under our sink in the kitchen. It's one of my favorite things in our apartment. I even told my mom not to order one so I can give it to her for Christmas lol.

HBO Max // I'm the MOST confused about HBO, HBO Go, HBO Now and HBO Max but all I know is HBO Go moved us to HBO Max and I've been watching a ton of old rom-coms. They have a great selection on there and now with the new interface, it's actually a lot easier to find them! This past month I watched: You've Got Mail, What's Your Number, Something Borrowed, She's The One, Save the Last Dance, Rumor Has It, Pearl Harbor, John Tucker Must Die, In Her Shoes, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Crazy Stupid Love, Casablanca, and Good Will Hunting!

Watermelon Salad // This is random but it's finally the peak of the season for my favorite at-home salad. It's arugula, watermelon, feta, a touch of sea salt, and balsamic dressing. It's soooo good and we've been eating it all month since watermelons are perfect right now. 

Crossrope Jump Ropes // I haven't been working out as much as I used to (sad, I know) but whenever I do workout, I jump rope with my weighted Crossrope set. It's weirdly easy and really hard all at the same time. But it's different and you get a good workout out of it so I really enjoy doing it. (Can use KRISTA20 for $20 off a get lean set if you're interested!) 

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