Help Teachers with their Amazon Wishlist!

Help Teachers with their Amazon Wishlist!

Teachers deserve all the credit (and money) in the world for what they do. Unfortunately, they can be one of the more underfunded groups. Especially with the pandemic going on, I feel like now is a better time than ever to help them out. 

Help Teachers with their Amazon Wishlist!

I asked any and all teachers who followed me to share their Amazon wish list for their classrooms in hopes that my community and I can help give back! I was blown away by the response and the emails that came in. Please help me in giving back to some amazing people by shopping their Amazon wish list for their classroom.

Everyone who submitted their information is below! You'll find a little blurb about them, their IG handle (if you fellow teachers want to connect with them!), and their Amazon list. You can find all of their links here as well. Please feel free to share and shop where you can!

Emily Fletcher
Emily is a teacher at Hyde Addison Elementary School in Washington, D.C. This will be her 5th year in the classroom. She is an inclusion teacher, which means she supports students who are diagnosed with a range of disabilities.
Shop Emily's List

Tricia Graves
Tricia is a 2nd grade teacher at a Title1 school in Florida. She thinks that it’s important for students to see themselves in books, which is why her wish list is filled with diverse literature!
Shop Tricia's List

Katie Beutel
Katie is a second-grade teacher in the Bronx. 
Shop Katie's List

Brigid O’Grady
Brigid teaches 2nd-grade special education at a Title 1 school in New Jersey.
Shop Brigid's List

Kendall Ramirez
Kendall just got hired at a Title 1 school in Fort Worth, TX.
Shop Kendall's List

Lily Brannon
Lily currently teaches 9th grade World History at TL Hanna High School. She has always LOVED two things: working with youth and history.
Shop Lily's List

Allie McConnell
Allie is going to be a 1st year teacher in South Carolina this school year after graduating from the University of South Carolina in May.
Shop Allie's List

Yazia Silva
Yazia is currently a 3rd grade Math and Science teacher outside of Houston
Shop Yazia's List

Mary Papulis
Mary is about to begin her 11th year teaching 8th grade English.
Shop Mary's List

Anna Wheeler
Anna is a 6th grade writing and English teacher in upstate New York at one of the most diverse districts in the state.
Shop Anna's List

Lauren Bui
Lauren is a 1st grade teacher in Charlotte, NC. This will be her first-year teaching and she is so excited to meet her students and build up her classroom.
Shop Lauren's List

Ashley Nelson
Ashley's friend submitted her list because she is the most amazing elementary school teacher that gives so much to her students. She is always coming up with fun and insanely creative new ways to teach lessons and her students truly love her.
Shop Ashley's List

Anna Leigh Lander
Anna is going into her 6th (!!!) year of teaching! She teaches 3rd grade in a university town (Go Clemson Tigers!)
Shop Anna's List

Alexa Keiser
Alexa is a 5th grade teacher at a small Title 1 school in Charleston, SC and she has been teaching for 4 years .
Shop Alexa's List

Rebekah Williams
Rebekah teaches middle school STEM, business, and yearbook.
Shop Rebekah's List

Lindsay Conrad
Lindsay is going into her 2nd year of teaching the 4th grade. Lindsay's sister submitted her list because her school does not provide her with many materials, and last year she had to spend over $1,000 on supplies for her classroom.
Stop Lindsay's List

Nicole Echelberger
Nicole is a 1st year 1st grade teacher in Salt Lake City. She is so excited to finally be a licensed teacher even with the different circumstances of this year.
Shop Nicole's List

Alexandra Smith
Alexandra is a 1st year 2nd grade teacher in Virginia at a very diverse, Title 1 school where 75% of the kiddos are economically disadvantaged.
Shop Alexandra's Book List
Shop Alexandra's Classroom List

Anna Katherine Baldwin
Anna Katherine just graduated from the College of Charleston in May with a degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduating, she received a job as a 2nd grade teacher at an elementary school in Charleston, SC.
Shop Anna Katherine's List

Kathryn Bosak
Kathryn is a 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher in Minnesota. She tries to connect with her students through a variety of ways - from hands on activities like “gummy bear governments”, to sending postcards to all of her students!
Shop Kathryn's List

Alicia Biske
Alicia will be a 4th grade teacher this fall in CT. She is SO excited to finally have her own classroom and students and 4th grade has always been her dream grade level.
Shop Alicia's List

Melissa Rosman
Melissa teaches middle school and high school English as a New Language in New York!
Shop Melissa's List

Cody Mavrakis
Cody is a 4th grade teacher in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This will be her third year teaching and they will be going back to school for half days.
Shop Cody's List

Carmen Schladant
Carmen will be a first year teacher this year, which means that not only will her 5th graders be going through a lot of firsts (virtual learning), but so will I. The list is actually for her and her husband. He’s a teacher as well, so they would looove some help with receiving the items that they have left.
Shop Carmen's List

Paige Nebens
Paige is a 1st year teacher in LA and she will be teaching 5th grade.
Shop Paige's List

Jade Stephenson
Jade is a 1st year teacher in DFW, Texas. She will be teaching 8th grade United States history.
Shop Jade's List

CJ Crigger
CJ is a 3rd grade teacher in SC. Her district is going back to school face to face beginning September 8th!
Shop CJ's List

Helen Reid
Helen is an Elementary School Media Specialist (librarian) in Florida. Her biggest “need”/wish is for wipes, Kleenex and hand sanitizer!
Shop Helen's List

Lauren Mesimer
Lauren is a 3rd grade teacher from SC! She just finished her Masters in Edu. Administration this May! She has taught 2nd grade for 3 years and this is her 1st year teaching 3rd grade.
Shop Lauren's List

Jessica Kuhlman
Jessica teaches in a Multiple Disabilities classroom at St. Joseph Orphanage. A lot of her kids have been through trauma, so they provide a lot of mental health resources for the kids, as well as education!
Shop Jessica's List

Kristen Smither
Kristen has been teaching 1st grade for 5 years in Frankfort, KY.
Shop Kristen's List

Jen Klein
Jen is a preschool teacher at an independent preschool through grade 8 in Arlington, MA. She is entering her 11th year of teaching and 3rd at this school.
Shop Jen's List

Teresa Ferguson
Teresa is a 3rd grade teacher at the Bowen School in Newton, Massachusetts. This will be her 8th year teaching.
Shop Teresa's List

Killien Howenstine
This will be Killien's 2nd year teaching in the largest school district in Ohio. She teaches 6th and 7th grade language arts in a Spanish/English immersion school.
Shop Killien's List

Kelci McDowell Hill
This will be Kelci's 2nd year teaching 4th grade. She teaches at a Title 1 school in Kentucky.
Shop Kelci's List

Erica Schaaf
Erica says that she and her students are grateful for any items you are able to donate!
Shop Erica's List

Celeste Wilcox
@celeste_w Celeste is a 2nd grade teacher in central Florida (she actually teaches at the same school that she graduated from!) She likes to joke that she never “graduated” school because she's been “in school” every year since kindergarten!
Shop Celeste's List

Amber Johnston
This year Amber will be a first year teacher! She will be teaching hybrid 6th grade ELA at a school in coastal NC. Her county has decided to do hybrid learning, which means that students will be divided into two cohorts and will attend either Mondays and Tuesdays or Thursdays and Fridays.
Shop Amber's List

Jacey Johnson
This will be Jacey's 3rd year teaching 1st grade in the North Texas area. All she can say is, WE GOT THIS!
Shop Jacey's List

Mary Kate Rumph
Mary Kate is a 1st year teacher in Charleston County in Charleston, SC. She will be teaching high school biology at Burke High School, a Title I, inner city school. Her district only provides $250 to get classroom supplies per year, which is particularly tough as a new teacher with no supplies currently.
Shop Mary Kate's List

Caitlin Nickerson
Caitlin is a school-based speech-language pathologist at an elementary school in Connecticut.
Shop Caitlin's List

Abby Bridge
Abby is a 3rd grade teacher at a Title I school in Charlotte, NC.
Shop Abby's List

Kasie Dugas
Kasie is a science teacher in Lafayette, Louisiana. She teaches sophomore Biology 1 and juniors Honors Chemistry. This will be her 5th year teaching and every year has presented its own challenges.
Shop Kasie's List

Lauren Angel
Lauren is going into her 5th year of teaching. She teaches Kindergarten at a public charter school in Rhode Island. She also included many diverse read alouds in order to expand her classroom library and to begin the conversations about race with my 5 year olds!!
Shop Lauren's List

Amber Foddrill
Amber is a Kindergarten teacher at Lakeside Elementary in Indianapolis, IN. Her school serves a diverse population and over 80% of their students qualify for free or reduced lunch.
Shop Amber's List

Annie van Graan
Annie is a mom of 2 little kids and is in her 10th year as a teacher. She teaches in a Title 1 school that is very underfunded. Her goal is to make her students feel like family to each other and her classroom feel like a home.
Shop Annie's List

Lauren Evans
This year will be Lauren's 6th year teaching. She teaches 7th grade math at a Title I school in Texas. Most of her students can’t afford their own supplies and she usually ends up providing them.
Shop Lauren's List

KayLeigh Nava
KayLeigh is a 1st grade teacher at a Title 1 school in Texas, specifically the DFW area. Last school year was her 1st year in the classroom. Ending the year online and not in person was heartbreaking and nothing like she ever pictured.
Shop KayLeigh's List

Laura Butcher
Laura is a 2nd year teacher from Des Moines, Iowa wanting to incorporate more diverse books in her classroom to better support and reflect the kids she has in her classroom.
Shop Laura's List

Kelsey Petty
Kelsey is going into her 4th year teaching in Irving Texas at a Title 1 school. She teaches 8th grade science, coaches volleyball, soccer and basketball and LOVES IT!
Shop Kelsey's List

Michele teaches kindergarten through 8th grade art. In addition to teaching art, she also teaches reading intervention to struggling readers. She truly believes that she has the BEST job in the world!
Shop Michele's List

Molly Smith
Molly just graduated with her degree in Elementary and Special Education. She recently accepted a job as a 3rd grade teacher in a Title I school.
Shop Molly's List

Allison Kmiecik
Allison is 22 years old and is going to be a 1st year teacher in Kansas City teaching 1st grade.
Shop Allison's List

Moira Harden
Moira's classes will be split into in person, part-time remote, and full time remote. She will try her darndest to give her students who are in person, online, and anywhere in between the Pre-Kindergarten experience they SO deserve.
Shop Moira's List

Catherine Swab
Catherine is a 1st year teacher in Oklahoma. Her sister submitted her list because she has worked so hard to receive her certification and complete her hours to finally be a full-time teacher. She has been trying to save money during this craziness to support her classroom, but money is tight!
Shop Catherine's List

Arielle Mangiaracina
Arielle is a 5th grade teacher in NJ. She teaches English, Language Arts and Social Studies.
Shop Arielle's List

Casey Rice
Casey teaches music in NYC to grades K-8, so she sees almost every student. While they are in person learning, they still can't sing together, dance or play their usual music games. She is relying heavily on movement, instruments, listening activities and STORIES.
Shop Casey's List

Becky Adams
Becky is going into her 11th year teaching, with 8 of those years having been in 3rd grade. She teaches at a Catholic school in Cleveland, Ohio.
Shop Becky's List

Gamerh Alsafi
Gamerh lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and works at a learning center with students ages 3-12. They've been open during the whole pandemic, and weekly Gamerh and her coworker have been spending their own money for their weekly lesson plans.
Shop Gamerh's List

Lindsey Burnam
After working at Target for 8 years and having a three year old and twins, Lindsey has made the transition to teaching middle school math. Since it is her 1st year teaching, she does need a good amount of supplies since it’s all new to her!
Shop Lindsey's List

Madison Palmieri
Madison teaches in the South Bronx, where diversity is always top of mind and brought into classroom discussion but not always properly represented in classroom literature. Her Amazon list is filled with books and items that she hopes to be able to share with her students this year!
Shop Madison's List

Jessica Hooker
Jessica is a 1st year teacher in Virginia and will be teaching 4th grade at a Title 1 school. Her district made the decision to start the year out virtually, but she is beyond excited and determined to make this an amazing first year!
Shop Jessica's List

Brigit Rioual
Brigit teaches grades 1 - 3 at a Title 1 school in the inner city of Hartford, CT. She really wants a diverse book collection so her students can see themselves reflected in the books that she reads to them. She also wants to have those uncomfortable conversations; to have them think critically about the world we live in and the way we treat other humans and to think about social injustices and have those conversations with one another.
Shop Brigit's List

Sarah Tully
Sarah has been teaching in various capacities since 2014 and will be starting her 3rd year at her current school. She teaches in a Title I school in Massachusetts. The community that she works in has taught her almost as much as she taught them.
Shop Sarah's List

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