Sun Hats at Every Price

If you know me then you know I am VERY serious about sun protection -- especially when it comes to my face. And I've become a big hat person over the past few years because it's a great way to style a look while also staying protected! I wanted to round up all of my favorite hats I own as well as provide more affordable options for anyone looking to grab one of their own!

Lisi Lerch Lauren Hat c/o (above) -- This is officially my "Meredith Blake" hat! It's a classic shape and style and I just adore the bow on it. And you can customize it however you please. It's great for total sun protection as well.

Eugenia Kim Mirabel Hat -- This is my most expensive hat that I decided to splurge on for my honeymoon (and the hot Australian sun!) and while I love it, I just cannot recommend to anyone to spend that much on a hat. Eugenia Kim makes some amazing hats and this will definitely stand the test of time but sheesh this price tag is no Bueno. 

Brixton Joanna Straw Hat -- THIS is the best hat I own not only for the price but also for the shape, style, and quality! It's $55 and comes in a ton of different colors -- I have the honey and copper color. Truly one of the most amazing hats that I think everyone should own!

Janessa Leone Klint Hat -- I used to wear this hat all the time before I found the Brixton one above. It's a great hat, a little pricy, but has the flat top style and wide brim that makes it great for the beach. You can definitely find a similar style elsewhere for cheaper!

Eric Javits Squishee Halo Hat -- Same as above, this hat is amazing but there are a ton of great dupes out there that serve just as good of purpose. I do really love this hat though -- you are paying for the quality and comfort, which is there. I love the shape, how I can wear my hair up with it, and how it's totally adjustable -- you just velcro it on and off in the back. 
And with that, I wanted to round up some other amazing hats that are currently available online at all price points! I'm still on the hunt to find a great wide brim hat for under $100 so I will keep an eye out for you all! The next best thing currently is this packable bow sunhat that's just $60. These are amazing hats!!

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