Under $100 Summer Looks

I've been making a conscious effort to try and find more affordable pieces to feature on the blog. With everything going on, I feel like exorbitant clothing seems super unnecessary. So I'm excited to be partnering with Walmart and showing off some great, under $100 looks for summer!


I know some summer plans are kind of up in the air right now, so I wanted to find two looks: one you can wear out and one you can wear in. Nothing is over $50!! 

I'm not the biggest green wearer but I think I really like this color on me, especially for summer. This look all came together with the sweater tank. Idk why, but I'm really into sweater tanks for summer. Maybe that's because I have a thing for sweaters and I yearn to wear them year-round? Idk!! But this one comes in six colors (I have the tan in my cart) and I think in general Scoop runs a little big. I sized down to a small.

The sweater is super cute and can be worn with a regular bra (thankfully). One thing to note: it has a tighter hem at the bottom. I don't love it when shirts have that, so I pulled it out a little and it was totally fine!

As for the skirt, I may have copied the model online, but it looked so perfect together! The greens compliment each other so it made sense. The skirt is a wrap skirt. You button it underneath (there are two options for buttons about an inch apart if you want it tighter or not), and then you wrap and tie the top layer over it. I'm wearing a M!

As for this dress, you can wear it in or out! It's soooo comfortable, soft, and easy to wear. It also comes in pink for those interested! It's stretchy all over, which makes it easy to size down if needed. It's also bump-friendly for any of the soon-to-be moms out there!


Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today's post!

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