Loving Tan 2-Hour Express Dark Self-Tan Review

The tan reviews continue, and today we're talking about the Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Dark self-tanner! If you missed the medium review of this self-tanner, please check out this post.


(no tan)
(after application)
(next day)
(mirror selfie second day to show a more normal look at the tan)

If you missed it, I've reviewed Isle of Paradise Tannings Drops (in medium) here, Tan-Luxe Dark vs Isle of Paradise Dark drops here, and the Loving Tan Medium here. My Loving Tan review (here) talks about the process of prep before, during, and after application.

Since trying Loving Tan for the first time, I'm a pretty big fan! There are definitely some pros and cons to using a tanning mousse as opposed to drops, but I'm finding that I'm leaning slightly towards the mousse. I never would have guessed it!

For a long time, I was against self-tanning as a whole because I always saw the girls who did it wrong lol. They would look blotchy and streaky, and it wasn't anything I wanted to deal with. It wasn't until Caitlin (and quarantine) finally convinced me to test it out. I thought if not now, then when? And here we are.

The medium self-tanner was my first try with mousse and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to also compare the dark 2-hour tanner. The process is exactly the same as before but this time with a darker tan. Boy, was it dark! I'm pretty pale (as you can see from the before-and-after photos) and I think the dark was a touch too dark, at least for the first two days!

The dark mousse was too dark for the first 48 hours. My skin looked really dry and dirty, like someone rubbed dirt into any skin crease I had. I wonder if I were tanner to begin with if it would look differently. It's something I will look into, but for now, I much prefer the medium over the dark.

I did do a comparison test on each leg for dark versus medium and the difference was small. One where you wouldn't notice it without someone pointing it out. I'm not totally sure why I prefer the medium but I just do!

One thing to note is that I used the Loving Tan mitt for this application when I normally use the St. Tropez one. That may make a difference. In a comparison test between the two, I much prefer the St. Tropez mitt. It seemed to blend and spread product better. Having a good mitt makes all the difference.

What I do love about Loving Tan mousse is the color. It really does a great job of getting that natural-looking tan that has a more olive undertone than the tan drops, which are a little more orange. Once I get through the rest of my tanning product reviews, I'll do a big one comparing everything together (the drops versus mousse, the process, the length of time) and share my ranked picks!

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the dark and medium mousse!


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