Weekend Update: June 26

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a safe and quick week. Cheers to the weekend :)

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:
-J. Crew striped shirts are a staple in any closet and this one is on sale for $22! I have the navy in my cart right now

-It's #SkortSeason and I have my eye on this pink and white one

-These striped pajamas look so soft and super cute for summer

-The most adorable scalloped and embroidered yellow sundress

Sale of the Week: Lisi Lerch is having a 30% off bridal sale that includes some of my favorites like these pearl double hoops I wore at my reception, my favorite bow earrings, my heart pearl earrings, and the Madely pearl earrings from Kate's collection!

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are actually heading to the beach for on Saturday! His family always rents a house out in NJ and they combined their rentals this year (for safety reasons) and I'm so excited. Just getting out of the apartment and being near a beach will do wonders for my state of mind.

A Must Watch: We just finished season 2 of The Politician on Netflix and I just love that show. It's so smart and talks about important topics while weaving it into the drama and comedy of the show.

Most Popular Item of the Week: By far the most popular thing was this white eyelet dress! It's currently on sale for $55 so I can see why you all loved it so much!

What Made Me Happy: Haircuts!! Andrew got his yesterday and I get mine today. It's the little things nowadays lol. Sooooo excited to get one.

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