Preppy Black Influencers to Follow

(my dear friend Ailsa!)

I'm pretty ashamed to admit that I only recently started following a lot of these women. I didn't think about the lack of diversity in my feed, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. How could I have been so naive? I hope you join me in following the wonderful women below, and take a look at your own feed too!

The positive is that I've found some amazing Black influencers that I have fallen in love with. I feel like I have a whole new feed on Instagram and it's been a lot of fun getting to know everyone. Again, I'm upset I didn't do it sooner.

I wanted to round up some of my new (and old) favorite follows for fellow preppy influencers like me! As a note, when I use the term "preppy" it means the classic, prep style. I feel like some people think of preppy as a bad thing? I don't think it is, but apologies to anyone who may not classify themselves as a preppy blogger!

Before we start I want to mention that there are a ton of other amazing Black influencers that I didn't mention as I really wanted this list to focus on preppy influencers like myself. I will plan on sharing more Black influencers in the coming weeks, but for now this is just a list of preppy influencers.

I wanted to focus this post on preppy influencers first because if you follow me then it's pretty likely that you'll also want to follow everyone below. I thought it was best to share influencers in the same space, as a cross-pollination of followers usually works best!! I know the people who read here and the brands I work with are usually looking for similar content. I thought this would be the best way to activate both audiences.

Also, to any Black influencer reading this, I am talking shop with whoever wants to! Happy to share sponsorship rates, brand + agency contacts, help collaborate and share my platform ... anything! Just email me and we can chat.

SO with all that, let's get into some new friends!! Linking directly to their Instagram pages so you can be a click away from following, and so I'm making sure to not take images without proper credit!


  1. Id rather read a book by someone more substantial when it comes to informing myself about BLM. No offense to influencers, but I do not think they are the best example on how to live. And if your only reason for following them is because you arent following enough black people then its probably better that you just dont.


    1. So...you think Black women, just because they are influencers, aren't the best example when it comes to THEIR OWN culture/movement? Their profession does not matter. They have had to live through the same racial targeting struggles as every other Black person in the United States JUST like you are doing right now. Why wouldn't Krista want to diversify her feed? Why is that a bad thing to want to learn and grow and interact with people who are different than her? Go read your book. There are so many more voices out there on social media--and in the world if you give them the chance to talk and don't take up their space--who can't AFFORD to publish a book but still need to be heard.

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  2. I can already tell that following these ladies is going to be dangerous for my pocketbook because I adore all of their looks. My gosh. Too cute. Thanks for sharing!



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