Weekend Update: June 12

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week and are looking forward to a warm weekend ahead filled (safely) with family or friends!

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:
-(dumbly) I had no idea that the LSF x Target collaboration also included other designers. I checked out the CUSHINE and the Lisa Marie Fernandez line and omgggg they are SO GOOD. I love this dress for a summer wedding and I picked up this white shirtdress

-I've recently been introduced to The Tiny Tassel and I LOVE it. Her curated collection has some amazing beaded earrings and accessories (like these bow earrings and the palm leaf earrings I wore at my shower!).

-I have this swing dress in another print and it's perfect for a hot hot summer. Loving the new print style!

-This green puff sleeve blouse is SO CUTE and I adore the neckline. These pink flower earrings would also look amazing with it.

-Reddress has a ton of really cute (affordable) new arrivals like this white eyelet dress and this backless pink maxi.

Weekend Plans: I'm this close to finishing a big needlepoint paint project so I hope to wrap that up this weekend. We'll also go up to Andrew's parents for dinner which I am really excited about. Thankfully I did all the cleaning in the apartment this week so I don't have to worry about it over the weekend and can just kick back and relax!

A Must Watch: 13th on Netflix. It's a very enlightening documentary about the 13th amendment and racial inequality. It totally opened my eyes to the fact that the prison and justice system is just modern-day slavery and way to oppress Black people. I want to learn more about how I can help specifically to fight this and I think it's a great starting point for anyone looking to educate themselves. 

A Must Listen: I'm starting the 1619 podcast from the NYT and then I'll probably start on an audiobook! I'm finding it's the perfect thing to do while I paint. Listen and learn!!

Most Popular Item of the Week: This amazing deal on Tan-Luxe tanning drops! Normally you get one bottle for $59 but with this deal pack, you get TWO full-size bottles for $49. I love these drops (you can read my review of them here) and the only thing holding me back was the price but this is a much better deal than IOP!

What Made Me Happy: We just found out about Pluto TV and it's a Viacom owned streaming service that... wait for it... has an entire channel dedicated to The Challenge (which is my favorite show -- along with a lot of others! The ads are annoying as they are the same over and over but it's totally free (you don't even need to sign up) and has so far been worth it. 

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