Closet Challenge: Week 13

We back on the Closet Challenge grind!! I'm keeping my promise of sharing these once a week as I make my way through my closet. I've gotten through a pretty good chunk, but there is still a good amount left; like all my summer clothes! 

Vineyard Vines Sweater: Vineyard Vines has some of my favorite cashmere sweaters around (along with J. Crew and LL Bean). They mostly come around in the fall and winter but you can sometimes snag them on sale in the new year as they're cleaning out inventory. They hold up great and fit like a glove! I usually size down to a small. I have a pretty great collection of cashmere sweaters that I plan on holding onto for a long time!

Tuckernuck Skirt: This is a super old skirt BUT SUPER ON SALE!! I thought it was sold out, but I found it on sale for $47!! It's definitely more of a fall/winter skirt because of the jacquard material, but if you know me then you know how much I love a good skirt in the fall. Actually, this whole outfit is a very fall look for me. But since we're home I get to wear whatever season of clothing I choose, and this is how I wanted to start off the week lol.

Etsy Velvet Bow: I really want a beautiful black velvet bow and I was hoping it would be this. It definitely does the job but it's not quite *perfect* as it kind of sticks out the side of my head (I folded it down for this photo). It will do for now!

LL Bean Fisherman Sweater: This is a STAPLE in my closet and one that I hope to have for many years to come. It's a tried and true classic. I'm wearing a size M as it runs small for LL Bean, but TTS otherwise in sweaters overall. It's definitely more of an oversized/menswear vibe.

Gap Jeans: These used to be my go-to jeans. They were the first jeans I remember that were actually jeans that had an amazing stretch to the denim without being a jegging. They are sadly too big on me now so they will be donated!

LoveShackFancy Dress: The last time I wore this dress was in Miami and it brought back memories of being on that trip and having the freedom and carefree feeling that I'm missing right now. It runs TTS and I'm wearing a size 6. It's sold out most places, but LSF has a few sizes left in stock and on sale!! Andrew said I look like I'm going on a picnic in France in the early 1900's and that is exactly the vibe I'm going for. 

Uniqlo White T-Shirt: This is the BEST white t-shirt and it is so affordable. I cannot say enough good things. It's a thicker shirt so it actually looks much nicer than you would imagine. I sized down for a more fitting look. 

Madewell Jeans: These were from my jean review! I actually didn't wear this for a full day, but I did feel like sharing it anyway to give love to this t-shirt.

Smathers & Branson Hat: This hat has inspired me to do my own needlepoint on clothing. so we'll see how that goes. Honestly, I just needed something for our walk (sun protection is cool!) and didn't wear it for the full day, but alas it is in the photo, so ... hi. 

Dudley Stephens Sweater: I *may* have worn this already but like it's sooo comfy. I am always reaching for a Dudley Stephens fleece. It is my favorite thing to wear around the house, outside, anywhere. 

Spanx Leggings: My favorite camo leggings. These were out from the laundry so I threw them on. I love finding new ways to wear them and I just love to wear them. They are so comfortable. If I could I would live in Spanx leggings. These are a more cotton/soft vibe compared to the faux leather ones. Much more comfortable for everyday wear.

Gucci Loafers: I held off for so long on these shoes but finally bit the bullet and have never been happier. They are a worthy investment. I bought the Brixton style that can either be a loafer or a mule (the heel folds up or down easily) because I liked the idea of having a soft leather heel (no rubbing or blisters). They are some of my most comfortable shoes!

J. Crew Dress c/o (50% off!): This dress was sent to me by J. Crew and it's a great summer throw-on dress. It runs very big though! I am wearing a size small and feel like I could size down again and still be good. It is a flowy/loose dress overall but it's generous in fabric. I'm happy to be breaking out the summer dresses this week.

Nicola Bathe Earrings: A birthday present to myself! I love this pearl and cameo earring. I was worried they would be a little heavy but they are actually so light. They are almost too light if that makes sense. It makes them feel a little cheap/not worth the price tag, BUT I do enjoy them and love the overall look.

Tretorn Sneakers: I love these sneakers but sometimes they remind me of bowling shoes and idk why. I wish I was able to wear them out more, but so far I do love them! They're simple, not super supportive, but great to wear around casually. 

Z Supply Camo Dress: One of my favorite "throw on and go" dresses in my closet. I wear a size M and it's only $58. Super easy, simple, comfortable. Nothing special either way, but when I want to wear as little as possible, I go for this dress. (Last seen here, also comes in grey -- on sale for $40)
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