Simple Summer Look

If we're honest, I've worn this outfit 6 times in the last two weeks lololol. It's just soooooo easy, and I'm not seeing the same people other than Andrew or my mom, so I'm like screw it hahaha and just throw it back on. 


Z Supply: Split Neck Camo Dress (only $58!) / Native Shoes: Jefferson 2.0 Slip-on Kint Sneaker (also on Amazon here) c/o / Vineyard Vines: White Jean Jacket (sold out; similar) c/o / Shopbop: Wicker Bag (old; similar here) / 

I've been looking for dresses I can just throw on and not worry about. Ones that are comfortable, easy, ready to go on their own (aka no need for other accessories) and soft. All my searches have pretty much lead me to t-shirt dresses, and while this camo look might not totally be "me," I really love it. 

The dress is super lightweight so it'll be great in the summer, it's very flowy and not tight, and it's SO AFFORDABLE. I think that's the main reason I tried it initially, a super cute casual dress for $58?? Yes, please! And it's not the $58 but made cheaply dress either, it's a sturdy and good $58 lol. 

And then we have my new shoes. I feel like I need to shout this brand from the rooftop because not enough people know about them. But wow are they some fantastic shoes. The ones I have are a slip-on sneaker, are unisex and come in a few color options, but for summer I went with the all-white (and blue bottom). 

The main thing is they are SO LIGHTWEIGHT. They kind of feel like a sock on your foot haha. They're also insanely comfortable -- I walked over 12,000 steps in Nantucket with these on. That's over regular concrete, soil AND cobblestone, all without any problem. 

They are flat inside and out so if you need arch support, they don't automatically come with it (as a heads up!). And yes, of course, they get dirty (they are white after all), but they are SUPER easy to clean. I just cannot say enough good things about these shoes. Everyone must have a pair!


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