Closet Challenge: March and April

Who is ready for two months of photos from my closet challenge?? It's been a hot minute but I have a rather large roundup of photos and outfits to share since February!

Remember back in February I decided to start a closet challenge?? The idea was simple: wear everything in your closet once. If you can't keep it on for a full day, get rid of it. If you're avoiding wearing it, get rid of it. If you've tried three times to style it and can't, get rid of it.

It started off so well (spoiler alert, it's still going) but things have changed a lot since then. I posted about the first week of the challenge, but after that, I was in Miami, then home for a week, and back to Palm Beach before shit hit the fan. So the closet challenge became a more "what I'm wearing during a pandemic" challenge. I'm not even getting into the actual challenge of getting dressed each day.

My weekly closet challenge updates fell by the wayside and then stopped. BUT I have still been keeping up with it. Probably not as quickly as I otherwise would have, but I'm still taking photos, I'm still chugging through my closet, and I'm still getting rid of a lot of things. Speaking of which, I really need to sell my clothes. Is now even a good time to do that?

Over these past two months I have worn lot of sweaters since I own several, and it's now or never lol. Plus they're comfortable! It's taking all I can to not wear my Dudley Stephens 100% of the time. I only have a few more left to go through. When it gets warmer I'll start wearing them with shorts. Luckily for me, I'm always cold so sweaters always work.

One thing I am really missing though is putting on full outfits. Like shoes and bags and earrings. Some of the photos below have shoes and those are either from our walks outside or they are pre-pandemic photos (noted with a little *). Accessories really bring together a look, and I miss finding the perfect ___ to pull it all together.

Ideally, these posts would have little blurbs about each outfit (like I did in Week One) but there are just so many photos and I don't fully remember how I feel about each. The plan is to get back into sharing the weekly outfits and posts with full details. This week has been taken over by sweatpants so I'll start taking photos next week. Until then, here are my looks from March and April...

Casual Looks:

*Alo Crop Top / VV Joggers / P448 Sneakers

Montauk Sweatshirt / Madewell Sweatpants

Blue Denim Looks:

*Atlantic Pacific Cape / J Crew Sweater / Mott & Bow Denim / Chanel Flats

J Crew Sweater / Levi's Denim / Chanel Flats

LL Bean Sweater / Mott & Bow Jeans 

 J Crew Sweater / Everlane Denim

 J Crew Sweater / Blank NYC Denim / Chanel Flats

White Denim Looks:

Cinq A Sept Top / Levi's Denim

*Ralph Lauren Sweater / Gap Denim / J Crew Loafers 

~Fancy~ Looks:

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