DIY Short Sweat Set

I don't know about you, but being home makes me want to do all the DIY projects. Combine that desire with the fact that I'm seeing all these cute lounge sets on Instagram, and you see how this post came to be! It seems like all the cutest sets are either sold out or outrageously expensive. And, like my mother would say, "I could just make that," so I did. It came out great. It was SO easy, took about five minutes in total, and just about anyone can do it!!





-Needle and thread 


Before you do ANYTHING else, make sure to wash and dry the set. These shrink a lot in the wash and it's best to cut them to your liking after they return to their permanent size.  I washed them on a colors cycle and regular dry. I bought the sweatshirt and pants in a size men's XL. I like them baggy and made an error with the men's M being too small after a wash.

For the shirt, it's pretty easy and all you need are scissors. Whenever I crop shirts or sweatshirts I like to use another sweatshirt as a guide. If you like where that one sits and fits, then you'll know it'll be good for your new sweatshirt as well. The biggest mistake is cutting too high because once you do that, you can't go back lol.

And that's literally it. It's that easy! Just trace and cut and now you have your own crop sweatshirt!

The pants are pretty easy too. I didn't have any shorts to mimic or trace for this, so I simply cut and wished for the best. When doing this, make sure to cut about an inch or two below where you actually want. Then you can tailor to your liking!

I first washed and shrank the sweatpants, then put them on and tied the waist where I was planning on wearing them (I like mine high-waisted). Then in the mirror, I took a pair of scissors and made a little snip on the outside seam of the pants, about an inch or two below where I think I'd like them to be.

Then, I laid them flat on the floor, cut across the leg, folded it over onto the other side, and cut that leg as well (the top two pictures below). Then I put the pants back on to see how I liked the length. The original idea was to cut a few more inches off then roll them up, but I ended up rolling three times and liked how it looked.

To roll the shorts, flip one side up (about an inch) all the way around and flatten down the material. Then roll again and flatten until you find your desired length. If you have a sewing or safety pin, this would be a good time to pin it in place. No worries if you don’t (I didn't), you can just carefully slip them off and back onto your work station.

Once they were back flat on the floor I rolled the other side, trying to match the first leg as best as I could. You really want to make sure to flatten and smooth out the fabric all the way around to make sure you get out any bumps or ripples before stitching.

The next (and final) step is to secure the bottom roll. There are a ton of different ways you can do this -- temporarily or permanently. You could even use a stapler for all it matters!! You also don’t have to pin it down, you can just keep the roll in place and adjust when needed. The material is thick enough to stay put!

I threw a few stitches in and called it a day. I took some available thread and a needle and stitched maybe like five stitches up and down the seam on both the inner and outer pant legs. Then, just for good measure, I put two back-to-back stitches in the middle front and middle back of the pants so the roll really is secure in place.

The material is so thick that your thread and stitching don't have to be pretty, just functional!  no one will see it, and if they do, they're too close to you! #socialdistancing lol.

And that's it!! The easiest and cheapest way to make your very own crop lounge set for quarantine!!

And for those looking to buy some new sweat or pajama sets, this pair of shorts (for $11) and these sweat shorts ($18) are both a great alternative. For more cute lounge/sweat sets, check out Champion at Walmart. They have a ton of trendy and affordable items!

And I also rounded up some more options for you here:

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today's post!

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