Closet Challenge: Week 1

Each week I hope to do a roundup of my closet challenge so I can show you guys what I wore, what I think, what I like, what I will sell, etc. Hopefully, this will also help as outfit inspiration, or even inspiration to start your own closet challenge!

If you're unsure what the Closet Challenge is, you can read the kickoff blog post here! And with that, here are all my looks from this past week:

Monday was a holiday so I was traveling so we're going to count my Sunday outfit for the day on Monday. I actually wore this look with the closet challenge in mind but didn't officially announce I was starting it until Tuesday! This is one of my all-time favorite outfits (one that has lasted me through the years, as seen by this blog post). All items I love on their own, but here is the breakdown:

Ralph Lauren Polo Denim Shirt: I've had this top for years and love it. It's not as soft as other chambray tops but some of my all-time favorite shirts in my closet are Ralph Lauren Oxfords. It's just something that will never go out of style and can be worn a ton of different ways.

J. Crew Fleece Vest (on sale): Another tried and true, this fleece has been with me for over 5 years! I got it the first year J. Crew released it and I love to wear it in the fall and winter --it's the perfect vest.

Vineyard Vines White Jeans c/o: I have quite a few pairs of white jeans that I do need to narrow down. These are from Vineyard Vines and they make some of the best white jeans around! Their pockets are nude so they don't show through, their denim is stretchy and this pair is high waisted! The only issue I'm dealing with is that they stretch out a bit and you can see they get kinda wrinkled around the knee. 

Gucci Princetown Mules: I found these on Poshmark a few years back at an amazing price and I love to wear them but they aren't my very favorite shoes ever. You definitely need to size up in these and the toe gets scuffed easily, but they are easy to wear and a classic so they will stay with me for a while!

Rebecca Minkoff Suede Bag: This is a new bag from a month back and I love it! The only warning is that it does rub off -- it left a mark on my Canada Goose jacket that I needed to get dry cleaned.

Tuesday was a casual day at home so I decided to dress up some leggings and get to work. My Spanx are my go-to, and usually, I just throw on a Dudley fleece with it but I decided to try and layer it with this white top under. I've been having issues with this top and I finally forced myself to make it work but alas, it will probably be donated.

Dudley Stephens Brighton Boatneck c/o: A fav to throw on (anytime) just because it's so soft, will keep me warm and doesn't have the tall collar so nothing will get in the way of just doing work throughout the day.

Vineyard Vines Ruffle Neck Tank (long sleeve version): This is one I love but am just never able to wear. The shirt is a perfect layering shirt because of the ruffle collar but the bodice of the shirt is just to swing-y and there is too much fabric. It has moved to the donation pile!

If you want to buy I'm selling it for $30 + shipping -- it's a size Small but it fits more like a Medium. Just email me!

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings: These are amazing leggings and I cannot recommend them enough! They suck you in, look amazing, are easy to wear and never go out of style. I'm wearing my TTS size M and they fit like a glove.

Amazon Black Headband: The best way to dress up any look is with this headband. It's like $9 and I wear it all the time.

For Wednesday I loved this look. I was actually inspired by my outfit in my closet challenge post that I decided to wear it again! Sadly almost everything is old :/ but they are tried and true favorites! I didn't even realize that the jacket matched so well until I put it on. Kind of a win-win in my book.

Pearl Headband: Another affordable headband coming in around $30 -- it's probably my second favorite one I own (after the black one -- such a classic!) because it is so feminine and easy to wear. It's also pretty lightweight so you can wear it for a while without it giving you a headache!

Blue + White Earrings: I found these on Pinterest originally and begged the designer to bring them back in stock so I could buy a pair lol. They are very antique looking with a new age feel if that makes any sense. They are also relatively light -- they're more hollow on the inside so you can wear all day long without any pain. 

Karl Largerfeld Jacket (in pink): I love this jacket but never seem to wear it enough. It's a beautiful color (one of my favs) and it's a forever classic with the style and buttons. It's made really well and if you're into it, they have it available in a nude pink that is gorgeous.  

Avon Stand Collar Top (similar): This is probably the chicest top I own and every time I wear it I honestly feel like the coolest person ever. It's so different and unique and overall just perfect. I need to wear it more and also try out the similar style shirt to see how it compares!

Old Navy Sculpt Pants (similar): Sadly these are no longer available but these are the stretchy, legging-like Pixie pants that were my best friend when I worked in the office. It was like wearing buttery soft leggings but they were professional. I will probably never get rid of them!

Senreve Midi Maestra Bag c/o: A total fav!! I love carrying this around the city because you can wear it as a backpack or a side purse and it just holds so much. Its the perfect structured bag and I have a larger size I love to use for work because it can hold my computer!

Sara Flint Lana Flats c/o: These flats are new and are from one of my favorite shoe brands Sarah Flint BUT they totally gave me blisters on my heels and toes :(. Granted I did walk a lot but it was pretty bad when I got home. I think I need to stretch them out/wear them in more but lesson learned!!

I kind of cheated on Thursday and wore sweats the whole day after my Lilly workout sweat. I just needed to get stuff done around the apartment and it was no time to dress up! BUT I did wear two great outfits on Friday to make up for it so I'm including my Friday day look here as well :)

Lilly Workout Set: I love the look of this set but I don't think I love it for working out. It's more of a cotton material vs a spandex material (if that is even the material I like to wear lol). So it's not as compression as I'd like. Very lightweight and airy which is awesome for summer and easy workouts but not so much for cross-training. 

Red Fleece Jacket: Ah, I hope to never get rid of this jacket. I love it so much!! It's the most feminine and sophisticated jacket with the details that just make it a favorite in my closet. Sadly it's super old :( but I shall keep it forever!!

Uniqlo T-Shirt: This is a new buy and so far I'm loving it! The perfect basic white t-shirt. Super thick and easy to wear. I sized down to a Small because I liked the length better. It does stretch some with wear but I'm interested to see how it will wash!

Walmart Jeans ($17): Every time I go to clean out my closet I reach for these jeans but then every time I put them on I'm like damn, they are great. I don't know if they're for everyone but in terms of affordable white jeans, these are on the top of my list!! So soft and just comfortable to wear all day long.

Roller Rabbit Scarf c/o: This is the softest scarf ever and is a perfect piece to wear in the transition months because it's lightweight but there is a lot of it and the fabric, when layered, can keep you warm!

Belgian Shoes: This is a very popular brand in the city and I've been seeing them non stop so I decided to check them out during their sample sale a month back and found these really cute printed shoes. They're not for everyone, I'm sure, but I love how they look and WOW they are SO COMFORTABLE. I get it now. 

Leatherology Bucket Bag c/o: This is new as of last week and I decided to take it for a spin! I'm not one for bucket bags or black bags but here we are! I have the large size and it comes with two straps: one long so you can wear on your shoulder/crossbody and another short one you can wear on your elbow or carry in your hand. This is my first piece from Leatherology and so far A++

Amazon Sunglasses: SUCH a fun find for like $13!! I feel chich AF and I adore them. You will be seeing them LOTS more.

Lark & Ro Jacket: I got this randomly from Amazon and I've worn it twice. It's a great jacket but I just never seem to reach for it (like ever). So I'm going to donate it to Dress for Success and hopefully, it will get a better life. It's amazing but I just never wear it!

Friday night we went out with some friends to celebrate Andrew's birthday! We had a nice long (and delicious) dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant called Mercato in Hell's Kitchen. A little hole in the wall place that has a Michelin star and homemade pasta!

Gal Meets Glam Jacket (on sale): I love this jacket! It's a perfect mid-length piece and has the softest fur trim bottom. Perfect for a cold night you want to dress up. The only drawback is that there are NO POCKETS. It's a real issue but I love it anyway.

J. Crew Sweater (on sale): This is my favorite sweater style, maybe of all time, from J. Crew I have it in white, navy, green, grey, camel and black. It's so easy to wear, it's super soft and relatively warm! Just size down!

Mott & Bow Jeans: These are my new Mott and Bow jeans! I decided to try out a different style and color and I think I like it but I'm not totally sold. I'm not really one for blacks and greys but here we are. I sized down in the jeans to a 27 (am normally a 29) and they are a tad tight and I think this style doesn't stretch as much so I might just need to either wear them more or save them for when I'm feeling extra skinny lol.

Rebecca Minkoff Boots (similar): I was on the hunt for black, suede, below the knee, block heel, short heel boots for years and found these but sadly they are nowhere online sooo it's little help lol.

Leatherology Bucket Bag c/o: This is new as of last week and I decided to take it for a spin! I'm not one for bucket bags or black bags but here we are! I have the large size and it comes with two straps: one long so you can wear on your shoulder/crossbody and another short one you can wear on your elbow or carry in your hand. This is my first piece from Leatherology and so far A++

Jennifer Behr Bow Earrings: These earrings were on my Christmas list but no one got them for me so I got them for myself! I found them on sale about two weeks ago and I have these with a stone drop and wear them all the time, I thought the pearl drops would be a great addition to the collection!!

Saturday day was spent cleaning the apartment some more and making sure I'm ready for my week in Miami on Monday! So I didn't really get dressed until we left for Westchester that night (I was trying on and off everything so there was no official look of the day). I kind of just threw this look together and I don't totally love it but it worked and individually I love everything but maybe not altogether.

Amazon Headband: The best way to dress up any look is with this headband. It's like $9 and I wear it all the time.

H&M Earrings: I was killing time on the phone with my mom and popped into H&M and stumbled across these earrings. They were $10 but for some reason not sold online. They have a ton in store so try and find them if you can! Super cute, they spell out LOVE!

Dudley Stephens Bubble Fleece c/o: Another Dudley fleece I love. I like the bubble fleece because it's soft and is pretty warm but it does shed a little! It also stretches out more than my other styles but is so comfortable I love wearing it!

ADAY Something Borrowed Top: I've raved about this top so much -- it's the perfect thing to layer and I love that it's longer in the back and shorter in the front. The collar is short so it stands up and just makes it so easy to wear. It's also that material that doesn't wrinkle so it's amazing for travel.

Spanx Faux Moto Leggings c/o: Just like the Spanx above, these hold all the same qualities but have an extra moto style to them to change it up. You end up looking like a zebra when you take them off as the style is indented into your skin but I love them and wear them anyway!!

Gucci Brixton Loafers (also here and here): If you're going to get loafers or any Gucci style of shoe, I recommend the Brixton! They are "convertible" so you can wear them as a mule or as a true loafer and TBH it just makes the leather incredibly soft. I've never had any sore feet with these shoes (or blisters) as they just kind of hug your feet. So easy to wear and they run TTS!

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