Weekend Update: May 1

Happy May 1st everyone! Hopefully, the silly tradition of the ~iTs gOnNa bE MaY~ meme with JT graces everyone's screens today. There is only one day out of the whole year you can use it and today is the day!!

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:
-The HOLY GRAIL acne clearing gel has a MINI SIZE for $15!! This is a great way to see and test out the product without dropping $$ on the real deal.
-I cannot stop wearing my new pajamas. I now want them in another color. P.S. you can use code "ROBERTSON30" for 30% off until Sunday!
-This white stand collar top is finally on sale (plus an additional 15% off with code "FUN15"). It also comes in black.
-My famous gold laundry cart has a very good twin in this rolling cart from Walmart!
-This dress from J. Crew. Just waiting for it to go on sale lol

Best Sale of the Week: OMG GUYS!!!! The Lilly Pultizer sale went live today and it's good. You can get 30% off $100 or more (which is easy to do at Lilly lol), 40% off $250 or 50% off $500!! That's pretty amazing. Maybe this would be a great time to snag something for Mother's Day!!

Weekend Plans: I hope to clean the apartment this weekend. It always becomes such a mess (by my doing lol) during the week and I'm always too tired before bed to do anything about it. So the plan is to clean up! Then once I'm done with that, probably some needlepointing haha. What else is new!!

A Must Watch: THE CHALLENGE, BABY!! Gah, we are literally paying $200 a month for cable just to get this show. It's my favorite show of all time and this season has been absolutely amazing. 

A Must Read: I read this book years ago but if you haven't yet (my best friend Caitlin is just now reading it!), The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is an amazing book. The perfect read to totally take your mind off of everything right now. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: My new favorite white denim!! Still currently 40% off and fully in stock, so be sure to grab them while you can. I've never seen as good of a deal as this. Trust me, you won't regret it -- they are that good. 

Amazon Purchases: 
A WHOLE BIG BOX of Doritos lol because why not
Some clear zippered bags for my needlepoint threads
A reader messaged me about a soluble canvas aka needlepointing on clothes here I come
This super-thin lightbox for needlepoint tracing
Graph paper for trying out new designs and sketches!
And probably what I'm most excited about: computer camera slider screen(??) I currently have tape there and it's getting annoying to move it on and off for every Zoom call lol.

What Made Me Happy: IT'S MAY!! Which is just generally exciting. But also I've been teetering around with the idea of making and selling needlepoint canvases. I took the first major step in that this week so I'm really excited (but very nervous) about what is to come!

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