My Favorite White Jeans (Both Under $100!)

Happy Humpday, kids!! I'm coming in real hot with a super fun (and affordable) post on something we all struggle with: WHITE JEANS. I think I've found the perfect pair(s), and I think you're going to love them. Both are currently on sale for 40% off!!

I've been on the hunt to find the perfect white denim for as long as I can remember. The main issue I've always had with white jeans is that they're see-through either in the wrong places or along the seam of the leg.

I've found a few over the years from AG, Gap, Vineyard Vines, and LL Bean (all still some amazing choices!!) but none are perfect. The AG pair I adore is a low waist, which is a big no for me. The Gap is a little see-through, Vineyard Vines stretch out after some wears, and LL Bean doesn't have enough stretch. I love them all in their own way, but I can always find something wrong with a pair! So you can basically call me the Goldilocks of white jeans.

Funny enough, in the last month (when I haven't been looking for them) I found two amazing pairs that I think are my No. 1 and No. 2 favorite white jeans. Again, I've tried them all. Two good things to mention before we jump in. First, they're both 40% off today, making them well below $100. For a good pair of jeans, this is a great price. Second, they're of different styles. You can really get what you're looking for, as I know not everyone is a skinny jean fanatic like myself. 

High Waist Skinny (on sale for $81)

I originally bought these for a denim review (which will be coming next week) in a size 28 -- my normal size -- and they had so much stretch to them that I needed to size down to a 27. And now? They're perfect. The perfect white denim. They are SUPER high waisted, have a wonderful stretch to them, make your legs look a mile long, and comfortable.

Not to mention they also have stitching on the outside of the leg so you don't see through to anything, and invisible pockets. They're great and I can not recommend them enough. I found the blue denim in the same style to stretch out within a day but these haven't so far!!

Straight Leg Crop (on sale for $58)

These jeans are always under $100, but with the sale they're close to half off, so it's a total steal! And there's a (I think) funny story about these jeans. I first got them when I decided that I wanted to try more straight leg denim, as I am a serial skinny jean gal. I bought these along with about five other pairs of straight denim. When I first got them, I loved how they fit but worried they weren't the most flattering.

So I returned them without any issue but I kept thinking about them. It was so weird. I thought about them all the time! I loved how they fit and how comfortable they were. They were high waisted and had a tiny bit of stretch, enough to fit my hips and not gape in my back. But they were stiff enough where I felt like they really held me in. Idk, there was just something about them that I loved.

Then I repurchased them. Now I wear them often when I want a more casual look. I don't really care if they are flattering or not. I just love them!! I took them in my regular size 28 and they (again) fit like a glove. I wish they weren't as cropped as they are (I'm 5'6") but I am getting used to it and understand that's the style!

They also are thick for white denim so they're not super see-through. Up to my light mirror, you can definitely see through to the pockets, but in everyday normal light they are great. I have a regular denim wash in this style coming later this week, so I'll have to compare the two. But if you're looking for a white, straight leg denim -- these are for you!!

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