Sephora Spring Savings Event 10-20% off Everything!

The Sephora Spring Savings Event is ON and today it opens up to all VIB members! Depending on your tier, you can get 10-20% off with the code "SPRINGSAVE." If you're not part of Sephora's insider club, you can sign up (no fee, just points!) and get 10% off your purchase starting Thursday!
What I bought:

-My ride or die shave oil. I've been using this for the past however many years and it's time for a refill! No better time than during a sale. This stuff is the BEST for shaving your legs + underarms. It's the softest oil ever.

-This eye treatment cream from KIEHL'S. I've been noticing more and more how delicate and sensitive my eyes are. Seriously, every product I use seems to irritate and inflame them. So hopefully focusing on a nourishing and hydrating eye cream will do the trick. 

-I've been noticing my teeth are looking duller than ever and for the most part, I've stayed away from any teeth whitening and bleaching. But that all has changed because I decided to try out this teeth whitening kit. I know nothing more about it other than it's sold at Sephora lol. So hopefully it all works out!

-I am running low on my favorite cleansing blam (SO good for breaking down your makeup and clearing your face before a double cleanse) and my Moroccanoil treatment.

-As far as the most random purchase of the group, I picked up this neck/chest mask from Nurse Jamie. We are as young as our hands and chest make us out to be lol.

-I've had my eye on these tanning drops ever since my trial with Isle of Paradise drops (which I loved btw). So many of you recommended them so I'm going to do a side by side comparison for a future post!!

As for earlier in the month, I also bought...

-A whole bunch of Isle of Paradise items like these medium and dark tanning drops.

-Stocked up on some Supergoop favorites like their body butter and handscreen SPF hand cream. I will be testing out the eye cream when my eyes get back to normal.

-For all my at-home manicures, I picked up a new nail polish remover (that doesn't stink of straight acetone).

-And purchased my first full-size version of my daily toner.

What's in my cart:

-Not that I need it, but the mini size is only $9 so I'm thinking why not get this brow gel from the mother of the brows. 

-Replacing my (second) favorite concealer and the one I always have in my bag in case of an emergency!

-This lip butter popped up as new at Sephora yesterday. I've heard nothing but amazing things about this brand, and this intrigued me, so I'm thinking maybe.

-It's been a year or two but people used to rave about these Marc Jacobs highlights and now they come in this amazing mini set (at a great price too). I'm a true sucker for liquid makeup and a gift set.

-I'm for sure going to get this but I just haven't pulled the trigger. It's the same light stim wand my facialist uses so I'm thinking it would be ideal for taking care of my skin at home during the quarantine. 

-And finally, I DO NOT need this and I really shouldn't get it, but this is the best smelling dry shampoo ever. But I run through it quickly and it's hard to justify the price each time!


-The new Fenty cream bronzer and blush sets have really caught my eye as I am a total fanatic of liquid makeup right now. Plus, you cannot go wrong with anything Fenty. I love their foundation, their powder (my go-to), their highlights AND (to not be forgotten) their lipgloss. Which you can get individually for $19 or as a mini set of 5 for $42 (I have it and can confirm it's amazing).

-Anything Charlotte Tilbury, seriously. If I could have one brand for the rest of my life it would be her. This brand never really goes on sale either and is considered a little more expensive than others so it's a good chance to stock up on some favorites at a discount! Ones not to be missed is her Hollywood Flawless Filter, the Pillow Talk lip line (the lip luster is the BEST) and her Airbrush powder.

-As for some acne-safe (non-clogging) makeup, Bonnie approves the Fenty, Armani, CoverFX and BareMinerals foundation as well as the Benefit cheek and lip stain.


-Some cult favorites (that I have yet to try, but have my eye on) are this baby facial from Drunk Elephant, and the Dennis Gross peel pads.

-In terms of great masks, the (famous) Summer Fridays has a great hydrating mask, GlamGlow is the OG of the pore cleaning mask and for acne-prone skin, this sulfur mask is a great way to keep your pores clean

-For the eyes, some great brightening creams include the Origins GinZing cream, the Banan Bright and the new Supergoop bright-eyed cream. For fine lines and aging, my go-to's are the La Mer concentrate and the Biossance gel. For hydration, the Tatcha skin peony, the Fresh Black Tea and the KIEHL'S avocado cream are at the top of my list.

-KIEHL'S also has my heart with their Vitamin C serum (seriously, one of the best) and they just came out with a version for your eyes which I am excited to try out!!


-You can never go wrong with any of these dry shampoo options from DryBar, KloraneMoroccanoil, and an old favorite: Caviar.

-Would it really be a post about a sale without the mention of the Dyson hair tools?? I actually bought my Airwrap this time last year in this sale! They also have a new cordless straightener (which I used and didn't think was worth the price). Dyson is rarely included in sales so this is a great time to get it at a discount. 

-My (bougie) but AMAZING slip hair ties are also included. It's a little thing that makes a big difference, trust me!!

-And a lot of T3 items are on sale (on their own) so you get an additional % off with your status! Some of my favorite wands and barrels are included and it's as low of a price and I've ever seen.

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