A Few Things Vol. 3

It has BEEN A MINUTE since our last "A Few Things" series but we're back and better than ever. This post is just a hodgepodge of things from my iPhone, some back story, some links, and a lot of things that are making a big impact on my life currently. Hope you enjoy!

Tarte Makeup // I got my makeup done at Tarte last week before an event and I loved the way it turned out. They sent me home with a bunch of goodies that I need to play around with but the big thing that really seemed to stand out was this Shape Tape Glow Wand. It gave this wonderful and light glow that seemed to carry me throughout the night! [Dress]

Ski Weekend // A dear friend of mine had her bachelorette party this past weekend in Vermont and it was a blast. There were some hiccups on the way back (like finding a nail in our tire before a 4-hour drive home... on a Sunday when everything is closed lol), BUT the weekend itself has inspired me to learn how to ski. My dad is a big skier so I've decided to find time to take some lessons and go on a ski trip of my own!

Favorite Joggers c/o // This picture is from 2018!! But I pulled it from the archives to share that my favorite joggers are back in stock for some reason. They are obviously old so imagine my surprise when I saw them pop up at Nordstrom (but not Vineyard Vines). Very strange but I won't ask questions! I'm wearing a size small here, so size down!

An Oldie, But Goodie // Another 2018 fav, I purchased this white Ted Baker top and happened to give it away, on accident, last year and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. There were so many times I went to the closet looking to wear it and it was gone! I spent a couple months trying to track it down recently and then one day it popped up on Ted Bakers website on sale. And I was like, yes yes and yes. And repurchased it. It comes in black and ivory and I'm wearing a size 6 (TB 2).

My Favorite Bralette // I don't even really like calling this a bralette but I'm unsure what else it is! It's my lounge around the house bra (and my sleep one too!) and it's everything. I originally got it in a size M (gifted) but it didn't quite fit and was regifted it in a large and WOW the change made all the difference. It's just so easy to wear and is supportive without being constricting or uncomfortable. PS use "KRISTA10" for 10% off!

Body Lotion c/o // I'm so picky about lotion that I will just not use it most of the time. I cannot deal with feeling sticky!! For the past few months, I've been using Necessaire and its awesome. It dries down after about 5 minutes and leaves your skin feeling totally normal. It's not the most hydrating lotion in the world but I do notice a difference the day of using it that my skin is more moisturized. But it is one of those things I think it's best to use every day but I forget. (Can use code KRISTA10 for 10% off)

Running Bra // I cannot stress enough how amazing this bra is for running/high impact. I've started running (woot) and I can't seem to run in anything but this bra. It holds the girls IN and they cannot move. It's constricting, tbh, but that's what you need some times!! I got it in my normal size 34DD and have since purchased it in two colors. 

Affordable Shirtdress // This dress is from last year but is possibly one of my most worn "everyday" dresses. So easy to throw on and run out the door in the spring and summer. It sold out almost immediately last year as it's 1. super cute and 2. really affordable. GOOD NEWS is it's not only back in stock, but they came out with two new colors! A navy camo print and a grey camo print -- for just $58!

The Pups // I'm sure half of you don't know this, but I walk two labs during the afternoon for friends in the building. It's the best way to get some lab love in my life (without having a dog full time), get out of the apartment, and make some extra cash! Nothing really new here other than to say I love them and they are amazing. I just wanted to share a pup photo!!

Cropped T-shirt c/o // This shirt has left my body maybe twice since getting it in... It's the perfect cropped t-shirt and is only $30! Wearing a size M and it comes from one of my favorite denim brands. Who knew I would love a white tee so much! (You can use the code KRISTA10 for 10% off)

Dudley Stephens // I've been stocking up on more Dudley Stephens fleeces lately as I just can't seem to get enough this winter!! This is my most recent purchase: the off white Brighton boatneck. I know they are expensive, but to save $25 you can click on this link and then use this code at check out: RAF3PR94A9S. If that doesn't work, try using this link and the same code! Tuckernuck also has a style on sale (here) and you can use code "FUN15" for and extra 15% off!

Everlane Leggings c/o // These were sent to me in PR and WOW say hello to some seriously amazing leggings. They are $58 and run TTS (wearing a M), and for the price, they are possibly the best leggings I own. I am testing them today for a workout (and run) but give the perfect amount of compression, feel good, are affordable, not see-through, and super soft!! More review to come as I test them out.

New Sneakers // Have you guys heard of P448? They are a new (to me) sneaker brand and I'm doing a review of them compared to the ever-popular Golden Goose sneakers. They are very similar in style but, dare I say it, are more comfortable! Plus they are about half the price of GG! That's not to say they are cheap by any means but this may be a good alternative for those not looking to drop $500 on shoes. 

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