My Recent Amazon Purchases

Get ready for a hodgepodge of random stuff! I buy everything from Amazon. Even like drugstore stuff I'm just too lazy to go out and get. It's too easy! So while you're going through it all, just know I know how weird half this stuff is! I get it lol. I'm weird and Amazon helps feed my addiction. 

Onzie Women's Front Twist Crop
I've been looking for more "affordable" workout clothes and Amazon is the first place I've been turning to! This top is $42 and I got it in a size Medium -- I just love white workout tops -- but it hit me at the wrong place and kind of created a roll when there didn't have to be one. So I would def size up!
Onzie Women's Chic Bra
I love Onzie! They have great items. I got this bra in a size M/L (shown in the first picture above) but it was too small for my chest :( It technically fit but it wasn't something I'd workout in. 
Onzie Women's High Rise Legging
These leggings are amazing and are so silky smooth! They are also super high waisted and do a great job of sucking you in. I've never worked out in Onzie before but they do make super comfortable leggings!
In line with affordable leggings, I've been hearing about this brand non-stop lately and how they are the dupe to Lululemon! But they are all but sold out currently. They are really nice, I got them in a size M, but I do want to test out the small because it's a little baggy in the crotch for my liking!

Same as above, these are great but want to try the next size down!

I have these leggings in a regular matte outside but have been wearing them so much I wanted to try them in the faux leather look as well. I mean, fleece leggings are the shiz in the winter. I'm hoping to do a comparison review of these with the commando and Spanx leggings!

I've been loving how trendy tie dye is but have been hating the price so I of course first turn to Amazon! I've been all about crop tops lately and this one is super cute. It does run pretty small so just size up (I got an M but could have gotten large). The material is very mesh(?) like -- idk if that's the proper way to describe it but it's going to be great for workout!

Again with the crop and the tie-dye, I wanted something long sleeve as well and went with this sweatshirt. It's cute but I do have to admit I like the t-shirt above a little more!

I shared these last week on the blog but have been still debating keeping them or not. They are very chunky and not as easy to wear around the city as I was hoping. Thankfully they are Amazon through Zappos so I am able to return them without worry!


I've been using this SPF + moisturizer for three years now and I just keep replacing the empty bottle from Amazon. This stuff is the best! Non-clogging and sun protection. What more do you need?

Grace has been recommending this so much I decided to try it out. I am not at all loyal to eye cream so I thought why not give it a shot. It's been great so far!

I'm obsessed with Tati Westbrook on YouTube and she never shuts up about this blush so I went and bought it! It was hard to find but I am excited to try it out. Admittedly I haven't used it yet because of my new glossier blush but I am excited to dip into it soon!

I also follow Katie, who is the owner of Megababe, on IG and she's been promoting this so much I thought I might as well give it a try! I'm 99% sure you can get it cheaper on her site but that's where me being lazy comes into play. So far it's been ok -- not amazing but good -- and I noticed the same natural deodorant smell as others (me, not them) but I think I have to push past it!

The internet has convinced me witch hazel is the be all end all and I fell for it. It was so cheap I thought why not. Still unclear how it works or why it works but I bought it. Here lies the root of my shopping problem.
I know everyone and their mother raves about Tula and I get it! I use their stuff too and what I have used has been great. But I buy it from Amazon lol. These are my favorite way to exfoliate. I just ran out and repurchased some more and still love them! They're gentle enough but also get the job done.

This was on my Christmas list but I didn't get it so I bought it myself! Merry Christmas girl lol. I really love the idea of having this at my desk to help film some YouTube/IG videos with the proper lighting. I heard this is the best mirror around (even Oprah had it on her favs) so I'm excited to see what the hype is all about!


I've totally fallen into the trap of headbands. As much as I tried to stay away, THEY PULLED ME IN. And now I have too many to just have laying around. I found this holder on Amazon for pretty cheap but it actually came chipped so they are sending a new one! Excited for it to come in so I can organize my life.

I was so excited about this because I've been hunting down a large black bow for my hair for some time but I don't think this is a legit listing because it came and it was meh and small. So I returned it! Buyer beware!

My friend Sarah posted about these and I was like f it, I want them. They are SO CUTE IRL and I love to wear them. When I can, I'm all about saving some $ on fashion jewelry!

Speaking of jewelry, you guys know this hanging jewelry organizer has saved my life in terms of storage and organization (blog post on it here) but I've still been missing something for when I travel (I literally just throw all my earrings into a bag, it's bad). So when I came back from our honeymoon I decided to look for a travel case and found a mini of my favorite organizer and I was sold!! 

I've been wanting one of these cases for a while but they all seemed so expensive. Then I turned to Amazon (duh) and found this! I was hooked. So cute, great reviews, I was all in. It's a case for your sunglasses! I did, however, buy this before realizing there are ones with five slots so I did return it for the case below...

It's soooo cute and does such a good job keeping the glasses protected! It's a little bulky but for the peace of mind when traveling, it's great!


My desktop doesn't have an SD card reader and that's how I live on my laptop so I bought a little device to fix that! Much better than buying a whole new computer, no?
My AirPod Pro review is coming soon! One thing I really was sad about when getting the new ones was the cute case I had to leave behind (this for those who have the regular AirPods!) so I was so happy when I was able to find one for the pros! Admittedly, it's not very good as the top just falls off when you open it (that never happened with the other version) but I'm just happy to have them back on a keychain they will suffice for now!

This is my adult purchase of the post but it's something my dentist recommended and here we are. I'm not totally sure I'm using it right as I'm splashing all over the place and I've definitely shot water on the ceiling BUT I am here to learn and get better. it's pretty fun! 

Mine went caput and I upgraded to this beast of a shaver and I am HERE for it. It's been so fun to de-pill anything and everything around the house. Andrew is not as amused as I am but it's literally addicting to do!

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