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I got the first generation AirPods for Christmas in 2017 (you can read my review on them HERE) and have never looked back. There is something so freeing about going cordless, and it's one of my favorite Apple inventions to date! Just the mobility and usability of these were enough to sing their praises from the rooftop. 

I used them for two solid years until the new AirPod Pros came out. Did I need to replace them? No, not really, but for something I used every day like the AirPods, I wanted to make sure I had the best technology available! And, as sad as it is to say, the AirPods just weren't getting loud enough for me. 

There must have been a larger issue because they started out so strong, but over time got really quiet -- even at max volume. I found myself trying to jam it in my ear many times to get the max volume.
When I found the AirPod Pros were available on Amazon, I decided to try them out and see what the hype was all about. I remember the first time I put them on was right before our trip to Disney, and I plugged them in my ears, ready to connect to my phone, and the airport went silent. I was like WOAAAHHHH. I also made Andrew try the same thing, and he had the same reaction.

The noise-canceling feature on the AirPod Pros is AMAZING. It's worth-all-the-money amazing and it's one of -- if not my most -- favorite feature of the Pros. It cancels noise as well as some of my over-the-ear headphones and has saved me many of times on airplanes. 

But it's not just the noise-canceling feature I love. There is also a transparency mode that allows the outside world inside your ears. I don't know how it works, but it's like a microphone picking up what's going on around you and sharing it with the music in your headphones. I love using this at the airport before boarding (so I know when my group is being called), around the city (so I'm aware of my surroundings) and sometimes on calls in public (so I know I'm not talking too loud). 

Some other features that I really love are the new controls + Siri capability. Instead of tapping/touching the stem of the AirPods a certain number of times to control your headphones, you now pinch the stem once, twice, or three times depending on what you need. Siri also reads your messages out loud for you while your AirPods are in, which is especially nice at the gym!

The AirPod Pros are also (in my opinion) more comfortable and easy to wear than the previous generation. Not only are they smaller, but they also have a silicone head, which helps seal them in, hold them in place, and give better sound quality. Instead of the one-size-fits-all AirPods of the past, the Pros actually come with three different silicone head options depending on what is best for your ear. They even have a fit test where Apple will play music and tell you which one, if not both, needs to be readjusted. It's brilliant. 

I've had them for about three months now and have traveled the globe with them. I cannot say enough good things about them!! I LOVE them and highly recommend if you're in the market for some pro headphones.

I also wanted to go a little more in-depth with the Q&A below. So thank you to all who sent in their messages!!

Q: What's the difference between the Pro + the regular/generation 2 AirPods?
A: I would say the biggest differences are the price, the shape/size, a customizable fit (Pros), noise cancelation (Pros) and water resistance (Pros). You can see the differences best compared HERE.

Q: Are they worth the price?
A: This is totally subjective and always hard to answer. Personally, do I think paying $250 was worth it? Yes, because I have used them every day for three months and will continue to use them at the same pace. I always look at something and think if I break down the number of days I will wear/use the product, will that -- divided by the cost -- be worth it?

Q: Why did you want to upgrade?
A: I wanted to upgrade at first because I thought something was wrong with my AirPods. The sound wasn't really working that well in my left ear. But once I found out the new Pros had noise cancellation, I decided to bite the bullet and switch!

Q: I heard there are different sizes. Is that true?
A: Yes! The silicone tips come in three sizes that you can mix and match with. There is a fit test under the information button on your Bluetooth connection with the AirPod Pros that will help you test which size is best for you and the sound quality. I currently use the Medium in one ear and the Large in the other.

Q: How long do they hold a charge for?
A: Apple says they can last up to five hours of continuous use. I personally charge them about once every 10 or so days and have never really had an issue with battery life. They hold a charge really well, just like the AirPods (Gen 1 and 2). 

Q: Is it waterproof? Can you shower with them in?
A: No, they are not waterproof, and no, you cannot shower in them. They are water-resistant, which means they are OK if you sweat in them or are using them in light rain conditions. The regular AirPods are not water-resistant. 

Q: Do you prefer these over other brands?
A: I don't have any other brands of wireless headphones. Still, I do have a pair of noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones from Audiotechnica, and yes, I prefer the Apple AirPods more. The ease of use (it literally connects to your phone in one step, and automatically after that), and the size is something that makes me reach for them more than anything else.

Q: Top 3 reasons to buy them?
A: The noise cancellation/transparency mode, the ease of use, and the sound quality. 

Q: Are they comfortable?
A: This is a big discussion with you all because I've never found any AirPods (the pros or the regular) to be uncomfortable. Take that for what you will! You definitely can't sleep in them, but I've never used them and thought, "Wow these are uncomfortable." The Pros definitely have a better ear shape, and the silicone tips help with comfort overall. 

I do think it's worth a mention to talk about how they do not create a hurtful seal. Maybe that's just me, but there are times when I'm putting in Andrews's earbuds, and they create a seal/pressure that actually ends up hurting after a little bit of time!

Q: How far away can you be from your phone for them to work?
A: I don't know the exact measurement, but online forums say 30ft within range. I personally use them all over the apartment (granted it's not that big) and have never had any issue.

Q: Do you use them for calls? Can you hear yourself talk?
A: Yes! All the time! I'm unsure if you're asking about the feedback of you talking or, in general, if you can hear the sound of your voice. But no, there is no feedback. If the noise cancel feature is on, you cannot really hear yourself. But you're able to turn it on transparency mode OR use just one bud to hear yourself/lower your voice accordingly. 

Q: Do you have any issues with wind noise when outside?
A: The Pros are meant to help cut down on wind for you and the other person on the line. New York is the worst with outside noises, whether it's the wind, cars, people, or music. Still, I have yet to hear any complaints (and my mom always tells me when she hears noise lol). So I assume it's much better but probably not totally fixed (is anything?).

Q: How good is the noise cancellation? Have you used it on planes?
A: IT'S SO GOOD. I think we were coming back from Florida, and there was a crying baby next to Andrew and I. I heard it, sure, but it honestly didn't bother me at all with the noise cancelation setting and music on. We usually split headphones to watch movies together, and I used to have the hardest time hearing with just one in, but with the AirPod Pros, we haven't had any issue at all. It is seriously the best feature, and they did such a good job with it. 

Q: Is it easy to keep track of them? Do you lose them easily?
A: I was always worried about this, but in almost four years, I have never lost them! I like to keep them on my keychain (via case), which I have found is super helpful in not losing them. 

Q: Can you run in them?
A: For me, yes. I've never had any issue with AirPods (regular or Pros) staying in. I will say the Pros definitely stay in better compared to the others for me, BUT Andrew has been borrowing my headphones for the past two weeks, and he says they slip out all the time for him. 

For me, I can headbang like 15 times before they start to slip. So I think this is subjective depending on your ears! I've never had any issue working out, walking or traveling with the Pros but Andrew has so it's definitely a case by case basis. I'll share a video showing you all how they hold up later today on IG stories!

Q: What case do you use?
A: I use this case from Amazon. I had the same style for my AirPods, and I LOVED it. It was wonderful and cute and perfect. But the Pros are still so new the cases are just meh for now. Even the one I have. It's not made super well, and the top falls off all the time, but it works for me right now, so I'll just keep it as is until I find something better!

If you want to learn more about the Pros, I cannot recommend this video by Marques Brownlee enough. He always has amazing reviews and is super knowledgeable in all things tech! He is my go-to for all tech. He explains it perfectly at the eight-minute mark:
 "They're not audiophile-grade headphones, they're not great dedicated workout headphones, they're not the perfect headphones for flying, BUT if I could only pick ONE pair of earbuds to do all of this stuff with, I would pick AirPods Pro. And a lot of people are going to make that choice. They are imperfectly perfect."

P.S. They are currently $14 off on Amazon but show up as out of stock. They ship as they get them in, and I ordered Andrew a pair while they were on sale, and they showed up a week and a half later -- just as an FYI!!

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