Whats On My Christmas List

Andrew and I aren't really exchanging big gifts with each other or with our families this year. We're all in a bit of a bind with expenses (hello wedding) and thought it was best to forego big ticket items and give small things so we can focus on our time together as a family. 

With that, I don't have a big list this year since I'm not asking for anything from anyone. These are some items that are on my general "want" list that would make for good Christmas gifts. If anyone does really want to get us a gift, I'm passing them along to our registry hahah!!

ONE // Ugg Bluetooth Earmuffs -- I have the older version of these earmuffs (and love them) but they are a direct plug-in to your phone. Since I have the iPhone 7+, I no longer have a, aux connection to plug into! So these basically turned into regular old earmuffs and are no longer playing music. The good thing is that Ugg has updated with the times and now offer bluetooth earmuffs! I love, love, love my AirPods but in the winter and when riding a bike, I love to stay warm and still jam out. 

TWO // Charm Bracelet -- I've been debating starting one of these for some time now. I used to have one as a kid and really loved going new places and getting charms to remember along the way. I love the idea of starting one as an adult and one day passing it on to my kids or grandkids. An arm full of life achievements. 

THREE // Navy Frame Bag -- I saw this bag over the summer in Nantucket and fell in love with it. It's so sleek and classic I think I just need to have it!!

FOUR // Bespoke Loafers -- I've been wanting a pair of Stubbs and Wootton for some time now but I can't decide on what bespoke style I want! Do I want a monogram? Ginger jars? Nantucket motifs? The possibilities are endless. I also want to get Andrew a pair for our wedding so I think we need to go to the store and figure out our sizes and get on that.

FIVE // Dudley Stephens Sweater -- Everyone and their mother raves about this sweater and I'm buying into the hype. I've only heard amazing things about it and now I think it's just a matter of what color and style I want to get. I'm looking into the white or tan Park Slope style (if anyone wants to buy this for me!).

SIX // Ralph Lauren Candle --  I fell in love with the scent when Andrew and I were in the flagship store over the summer, and thought it would be a good gift for Christmas so I didn't by it hahah. It's exclusive to their store and it's whats burning in the 888 Madison Ave store which you know smells so good. 

SEVEN // Nantucket Ornaments -- I first saw these in the window of a local Nantucket shop on one of our recent trips. I loved them (I have a thing for ornaments) and loved that they represented the iconic lighthouses on the island. I can't find myself to buy these because I don't think ornaments should be expensive so now they are on my list!

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