Gift Guide: Hostess

Happy Friday! Today's gift guide is all about the home (aka for the hostess!) and it's basically a collection of all my most used/favorite items in our apartment as well as a few others that I know friends and family love. So enjoy!

1.  3-in-1 Avocado Slicer - $10
This is possibly the best invention since sliced bread and even if you only cut ONE avocado a year, it's worth the money spent. I don't know how I lived without it for so long but now I find myself buying this for anyone who doesn't have it in their house. I just bought it for my cousin over Thanksgiving!

2. Set of 2 Stackable Ice Molds - $10
I randomly picked these up for Andrew either last year or the year before when he mentioned how cool it would be to have sphere ice for his cocktails. Ask and you shall receive, baby! I found these on Amazon and decided, for the price, why not give them a try. Best $10 I've spent since the avocado slicer lol. He uses them all the time, it always seems to impress company and it looks so cool
3. Scrub Daddy 4ct - $15
Best sponge ever made. A shark tank success story! It's the only sponge we use in our household and we repurchase every couple of months so we decided to "splurge" and get a value pack. This would be a great stocking stuffer for anyone who has ever done dishes (just once!) or really great for anyone who loves to cook.

4. Embossed Stationery | Initial Notecards | Set of 10 - $18
These are the notecards we used for our wedding to write notes and our vows on. Who knew personalized cards like this were so expensive? These were reasonably priced, too! I ended up loving how simple they were. They're really thick and nicely made. Highly recommend! 

5. Monogrammed 3" Soy Candle - $25
Everyone loves a good candle (expect my mom lol) and this is something, again with the monogram, that is a great way to make it extra special for the receiver. It's an awesome budget-friendly way of getting something universal for your hostess!

6. Willams Sonoma Bay Stripe Apron - $29
This may be a little more personal of a gift but no one ever really wants to buy an apron but it sure is fun to have! Plus it makes you look so much more official lol. 

7. Telestrations Original 8 Player | Family Board Game - $29
Say hello to the best game EVER. It's like Pictionary meets Telephone and it's our family's favorite game. We don't travel without it (we even played it at our wedding) and every time we end up crying laughing. If you want to bring a gift AND bring the fun, grab Telestrations!!

8. Custom Doormat - $45
Every year my friends and I do a secret santa and the price tag is under $50. I'm an excellent gift giver and I love to find something amazing. Two years ago I gave Ashby a custom doormat that says "cover charge: wine or queso" and she still has it to this day! You can customize it with anything really and it's such a fun conversation starter and the perfect way to show how well you know them!

9. Acrylic Cribbage Game Set - $49
My family LOVES cribbage (I do not lol) so I felt the need to share this. Acrylic is cool and cribbage is for smart people so it's the perfect snooty gift hahaha. 
10. Double Deck Playing Cards Monogrammed/Personalized - $59
This is much more my speed. Give me a deck of cards and I'll be entertained for weeks! If you know anyone who loves card games OR you want to teach others your favorites, this is a great gift. You know, one of those gifts for them and you??
11. Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 - $60
We were given this as a present two(?) years ago and use it at least twice a week. The perfect little mini kitchen gadget that will make your cooking life 100x easier. They come in all sizes but, as two people, the mini is perfect. 

I'm not a big wine drinker, but I imagine if you show up with this and a bottle of wine you are now the hostess favorite person. It's a little something extra and, again, universal to give!

I just got this mat last month (gifted from my friend Meg!) and I can now see the hype. This is more of a gift if you really know the person but this is an everywhere mat that has cushioned support, is wipe clean and comes in some amazing colors!

I know there are a million throw blankets out there but this might be my new favorite! I was gifted one at a holiday party and I now get the hype!! It's big without being all-consuming, it's super warm, really soft, and comes in some classic colors and patterns!

If Andrew didn't hate Alexa so much, we'd have a Eco Show in our apartment lol. I have friends who use this all the time and swear by it! It's an easy way to make your home smart, hands-free and accessible! 

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