An Easy Holiday Look

Guys, I LOVE this look. It's very me and judging by the number of DMs I got about it, it's very you, too! UGH I just feel so chic in it and it's a perfect fall to winter, semi holiday look.


Old Navy: Navy Wool Coat / Dudley Stepehns: White Fleece Turtleneck (get $25 off via this link!) / J. Crew: Cameron Slim Crop Pant in Black Watch Tartan / J. Crew: Laney Pumps with Bow in Black Watch Tartan / Amazon: Black Headband / Etsy: Hollis Earrings c/o

First off, J. Crew holiday has dropped and if you haven't yet shopped, WHERE YA BEEN? It's so good and easily my favorite collection they come out with each year. I picked up a ton (maybe too much) but a favorite being these plaid pants. They are just so easy to wear and style -- I actually had this navy sweater planned for it but switched to match friends! (they run TTS btw!)

Then of course, I paired the pants with some cute matching shoes of the same print. These bow plaid heels are definitely a closet staple and will be one that I wear a year from now and you will be upset you didn't buy it! They pair wonderfully with jeans if you want to dress up any look!

And while I don't really support Old Navy, this coat is from last year and it's held up really well. I just remember I couldn't find a short pea coat anywhere and this was my saving grace! Short coats are great for showing off more of your look :)

As for my accessories... if you haven't yet seen the headband I've worn for six days straight, here it is IRL. I have been trying to avoid the headband trend but found this on Amazon for $10 and thought why not. It was simple enough that it shied away from being too trendy. Turns out, I LOVE IT. Perfect for any of you thinking you can't pull off a headband -- promise!

And then, my earrings! I have to tell you about these earrings. I got them as an extra gift from Beth (who runs the Etsy shop that created my custom wedding clutch!) and at first, I was like meh about them. But then I randomly picked them up to wear and FELL IN LOVE. They are so cute on and every time I wear them, I swear I get at least a few compliments! But the best part of all is they are SO LIGHT. Like maybe my lightest pair ever. Lighter than a quarter. The back is made of like a leather material so it's not heavy.

AND PS! Kelly, Jess and I are giving away THREE Dudley Stephens sweaters on Instagram so be sure to enter!


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